Continuous Enrollment

In order to simplify our re-enrollment process for existing families, Bradford Academy has adopted a streamlined model.  This process, known as Continuous (or perpetual) Enrollment, eliminates the need for parents to re-enroll each year.  Once the enrollment contract is signed, parents can count on a fantastic elementary through high school education.  There is no need to think about re-enrollment unless your family situation changes.

Please note:

  • Parents will not have to re-enroll their child each year after the initial contract is signed.  Instead, your child’s continued enrollment will be assumed unless notified otherwise.
  • Each year we will publish new tuition rates in the Fall and families will not be required to do anything if they are planning to continue attending Bradford Academy.
  • Families will need to notify the school in writing by February 15th if they decide to “opt out” or give up their child’s place for the subsequent year.
  • Because spots are limited at Bradford Academy, a fee will be charged if a family misses the February 15th “opt-out” deadline for the subsequent year.  If a family decides to withdraw a student after February 15th and before the beginning of the new school year, they will be required to pay the $500 fee in order to end the contract.  If this fee is not made current, the family may be responsible for tuition according to the schedule outlined above (#6).  Providential and unexpected changes to a family’s situation may be taken into account upon approval of the administration and Board of Directors.  The following circumstances will be considered: unexpected job loss or other catastrophic financial event, unexpected job change requiring family relocation of greater than 30 miles from Bradford Academy.
  • Tuition payments will be divided over 12 months beginning in June  if the family elects to choose the monthly plan.


Getting a challenging and well-structured classical education is a real family commitment.  Getting that education within a faithful loving and well-ordered Christian context is even more rare and valuable.  We know that your time is precious and the life of your family is busy. Therefore, Bradford Academy is committed to providing all of our families with the best service possible by streamlining our administrative processes.  To this end, Bradford Academy has initiated a CONTINUOUS ENROLLMENT PROCESS. Parents no longer have to re-enroll a child each year, but the enrollment contract of all students in good standing will be perpetual until a child graduates from Bradford Academy or you opt-out of enrollment.  The terms of this contract is below. By signing this contract, you agree to the following:


  • I/We understand and agree that this Continuous Enrollment Contract extends until the graduation of the student(s) from Bradford Academy, or the termination of this agreement as provided herein. 
  • Accordingly, I/we understand the term of this agreement shall be in effect on February 15th, of the current academic year and shall renew automatically for each successive academic year until graduation from Bradford Academy unless and until this agreement is terminated by Bradford Academy or written notice of termination from me/us is received by Bradford Academy by February 15th of the enrollment year.   Simply stated, if my/our student(s) will not be returning the following school year, I/we assume all responsibility for notifying  Bradford Academy in writing by February 15th of the current school year.
  • I/We acknowledge that the tuition and fees charged for the academic year are for a “seat” within a Bradford Academy classroom and not for a period of attendance and that the absence of a student during that academic year does not materially reduce the expenses of  Bradford Academy. I/we agree that the absence, academic failure, or withdrawal of the student during the academic year shall not excuse, alter, abate or nullify my obligations for tuition and certain other charges and fees through the academic year.
  • I/We understand that if I/we opt-out after February 15th and before the first day of school, I/we agree to pay a breach of contract fee of $500 and any and all expenses in the collection of any outstanding balance.
  • I/We understand that if I/we opt-out after the first day of school, we agree to pay for the entire academic quarter in which my/our child(ren) have attended for at least one day.  (For example, I understand that if my child attends a single day of the second quarter I will be financially responsible for the entire first and second quarter according to the published tuition policy. )
  • I/We understand and agree that if my/our financial account is not current, my child(ren) will not be automatically re-enrolled and the child(ren)’s spot may be forfeited.  They will not be eligible for re-enrollment until the account is made current and will be charged any fees associated with new families if the February 15th deadline is passed.
  • I/We understand and agree that if my/our family is new to Bradford Academy, I/we agree to a non-refundable CONTRACT FEE of $250.  I/we also understand that if my/our family wants to add any additional children to the contract, I/we may do so without an additional contract fee if the contract is completed by February 15th.  After that date, students may be added and will be charged the new contract fee of $250.
  • I/We understand the early withdrawal fee of $500 may be waived under the following circumstances: moving 30+ miles away from Bradford Academy, or if withdrawal of the student at the request of Bradford Academy, or if there is some providential unforeseen circumstances that our Board and Administration approves.  This exception does not apply to students who withdraw after the beginning of the school year as noted in #5 above.
  • I/we have read and understand the Parent Handbook published by Bradford Academy and agree to uphold the standards and expectations stated therein, including any future updates or amendments. I/we also agree to have my/our child(ren) taught according to the doctrines and philosophy stated in the handbook.  I/we understand that the handbook will be updated from time to time by the school’s board of directors.