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Is Your Child Disciplined?

The Latin word for student is discipulus.  From it, we get a few English words. Disciple Verb form: meaning to help make one a better student. (ie.  The youth pastor likes to disciple young people in the gospel.) Noun form: a person who is dedicated to a school of thought or a teacher Discipline Verb: […]

Is There Room?

Christmas 2020 Dear Bradford Academy Family and Friends, “There is No Room!”  These distressing words were spoken to expectant parents, Mary and Joseph, long ago.  The innkeeper was caught up in the rush of crowded rooms at a busy time. I wonder… did the innkeeper ever discover the identity of the baby? Did he learn […]

7 Reasons to Study Poetry

(Special post from Miss Amanda Windes, veteran Language Arts teacher at Bradford Academy) Over the years, Bradford students have memorized tens (maybe hundreds!) of poems, listened to one another rattle off silly and serious poetry, and studied poems in class. Sometimes, poetry can seem like a foreign language – strange wording, distant meanings, disconnected from […]

Time to Get Serious About Screen Time

Tech is everywhere. I am concerned. I am concerned about technology and our children.  Don’t misunderstand me; I appreciate technology. However, studies are reporting an increased amount of screen time among children, and at the same time other studies are linking screen time to negative consequences.  We need to take this issue seriously. Using technology […]

The Republic and the Will to Educate

I recently came across two fascinating quotes regarding education.  Both of the quotes express an idea that should motivate us to action and help us to better understand the social and political challenges before us today.  Our form of democracy is in danger and our Founding Fathers could tell us why. Dear Sir… Jefferson to […]

Viewing the Wonder

Science is a beautiful thing. The world around us fascinates me.  I have emphasized the humanities in my academic career; however, I have also always enjoyed the beauty and wonder of the created world.  You don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate and delight in science. The Creation Appreciated In 1990, I spent a […]

Rise Above the Waves

Culture Surrounds Us Like an Ocean Are we called to fight against the corrupt culture of this world?  Or are we simply called to avoid it?  Should we isolate our children from the culture or immerse them in it? These are challenging questions. For this reason, one excellent modern apologist attempts to address some of […]

The Value of Latin in Schools

A Case for Cases: The Value of Latin in Classical Christian Schools by MaryLou Dovan Why Latin? Classical Christian educators are frequently asked the question: Why Latin?  The importance of bilingualism is at an all time high.  Shouldn’t we focus on Spanish or Chinese rather than dedicate time to studying a dead language?   Language […]

2016 Patriotic Program Transcript

The following is a transcript of the 2016 Patriotic Program.  We hope you enjoy reading through it and are encouraged! PATRIOTIC PROGRAM 2016 TO HONOR THOSE WHO SERVED Students entered… 2nd Grade sang – All the States and Capitals of the USA 6th Grade sang – Meet the 44 Presidents Kindergarten recited… Thoughts on the Constitution […]

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