Middle School at Bradford Academy

Nurturing Understanding

Guiding middle school students.The middle school years provide wonderful opportunities for transition. As students grow, they naturally move from the simple to the complex. In other words, the young adolescent transitions from learning basic information to a curiosity about how those facts fit together. Their minds mature and move from the concrete to the abstract.

Knowledge alone is not enough. The critical mind needs to understand.

Bradford Academy’s middle school program helps parents guide their blossoming young scholars safely through these exciting years!


Engaging the Mind in Middle School

However, despite the exciting opportunities of the middle years, there are challenges. Observant parents will notice the middle school student begin to strive awkwardly for independence and demonstrate an inclination to argue. Consequently, we want to teach them how to do it well.

For example, there are rules and disciplines to govern discussion, debate, and argument.  Bradford middle school students learn to develop their thoughts and engage their minds in the pursuit of truth. They learn to think well.

Moreover, we want them to do it for good. It is not enough to instruct their behavior; we also want to nurture their mind and soul. Virtue is a priority. At Bradford Academy, our goal is to train them to engage and strive for something higher than themselves.

This work is built on a strong grammar school foundation and begins to expand in the middle years. Middle school students are not too young to start wrestling with big ideas and start dreaming about how to change the world!

The middle school day begins with daily forum which includes prayer, singing, and the discussion of a Bible passage. They may move into algebra or science before moving into composition or literature. Each class digs deep into the the academic discipline and makes connections illustrating God’s glory in all things.

Special classes like art, music, Latin, and logic continue to help feed the discerning mind.  Furthermore, the classes plant seeds of appreciation for beauty and virtue. Instruction in organization and homework management sets them up for success in the future.

Developing Young Scholars

Your child’s academic career is beginning to blossom. The middle schools years are not meant to be frittered away with so many petty distractions common among young people. Phones, Instagram, Facebook, clothes and fashion, pop music, and video games are just a few of the distractions stealing time and mental energies from America’s youth. We owe it to our children to maintain high expectations while guiding them through the challenges of these years.


Since Bradford Academy is committed to developing the whole person, our students participate in the development of the body in Physical Education classes and extracurricular athletics.  


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