A Day in the Life

Philosophy is a funny thing.  For many, it paints a wonderful picture of the “ideal.”  That picture may satisfy some people; however, many practical minded parents wonder what the philosophy looks like in practice.  The links below may help to add some details to that picture.  Both the foundational philosophy and its practical applications should be very important to every parent when deciding how children are going to be educated.




Transitional Kindergarten

If your four year old needs a challenge or your young five year old needs a stronger foundation, Transitional Kindergarten might be right for your child.  Learn more about “TK”!


A life time of learning starts with a strong foundation.  See what happens in Bradford K.

Elementary School

Young minds are like sponges.  We just need to be intentional about providing rich and exciting material to soak up!  Find out about our grammar school program.

Middle School

Something special happens in those middle years.  Students begin to blossom and their learning style shifts.  Consider our middle school program and our work to guide students through these wonderful years.

High School

Getting ready for college is daunting.  However, learning to be a virtuous and independent learner is the greater goal.  What does it take to be a future leader?  Learn more about a day at Bradford’s upper school.