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Great are the works of the LORD, studied by all who delight in them. Psalm 111:2

The Lord is working in this world and His Word is still changing lives!  We trust that you will see the handiwork of our God displayed at Bradford Academy; in the activities of the classroom and in the lives of our students.  This website is intended to give you a clear picture of what is being done at the school and the thoughts and ideas that form the foundations for Christian and classical education at Bradford.  We count it a privilege to share these blessings, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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Our Name

Our school is named after William Bradford, Pilgrim and Governor of Plymouth Colony.   He embodied a spirit of Holy faithfulness, determination, and wisdom.  He was a man who demonstrated the kind of Christian character and virtue we need in our day and long to see in our children.  Learn more about our name, “Bradford Academy.”

Our Logo

The school’s crest was designed to capture many ideas foundation to our program.  It is a symbolic representation of what makes Bradford Academy special.  Learn more about our LOGO.

Curriculum Overview

The best part of the Bradford experience is the content of the lessons in the classroom.  Isn’t that what school should be about?  If you are interested in a quick overview of the things taught at each grade level, click here.

Extracurricular Activities : Clubs and Athletics

Bradford Academy is pleased to offer a growing number of extracurricular activities including clubs and school sports teams.  Click to learn more about our CLUBS and ATHLETICS .

House System

Following the tradition of many historic independent schools, Bradford Academy divides its student body into “Houses.”  Each House has students from every grade level promoting friendships among our student body between the younger and older students.  The children compete and serve together in various events and project throughout the year.  Learn more about our HOUSE SYSTEM.


There is so much more to Bradford Academy, so we encourage you to continue exploring the website, follow us on social media, and contact us for a visit.  Bradford Academy is a special place.  We would be very happy to help you learn whether a Christian and Classical education is right for your family.

Why Classical Christian education? This is the website for the Association of Classical and Christian School (ACCS).  Bradford Academy is a member of ACCS.

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