Tuition Policy (2019/2020)

Investing in your child’s Christian and Classical education is an investment you will not regret. The dividends are precious and eternal.


  • APPLICATION FEE: (new students only) $50.00
  • Please submit the $50 fee online at the time the application is submitted.


Grade Level
Monthly Payment
(11 Months)
TK 3DAY $2,800.00 $500 $2,300 $209.09
TK 5DAY $4,250.00 $500 $3,750 $340.91
K 1/2 Day $4,000.00 $500 $3,500 $318.18
K Full $6,000.00 $500 $5,500 $500.00
1st-6th $6,600.00 $500 $6,100 $554.55
7th-8th $6,700.00 $500 $6,200 $563.64
9th-12th $6,800.00 $500 $6,300 $572.73



  • Moms’ Helper (TK Afterschool, 12:00 to 2:45) is $11/day billed at the end of the month.
  • Bradford Plus (K-12 Afterschool 2:45 to 5:45) is $11/day billed at the end of the month.
  • There is NO after school care for K½ day .  If a parent cannot pick-up at noon, the child should be enrolled in FULL DAY kindergarten.
  • No care is offered for teacher workdays, ½ days, and vacation days.
  • A late fee of $1.00/minute will be collected for arrival after the agreed upon time.


  • Bradford Academy will reduce the regular tuition  for each successive child if multiple children from one family are enrolled according to the following schedule:
    • 2nd child – 10% (off the tuition of the second child only)
    • 3rd child – 25% (off the tuition of the third child only)
    • 4th child – 40% (off the tuition of the fourth child only)
    • 5th child – 100% (off the tuition of the fifth child only)
    • Note: This discount does not apply to  after school or any other fees.


  • ALL PAYMENTS are collected by TADS, our tuition management service.  Bradford Academy will establish an ONLINE ACCOUNT for each family.  For your convenience, families have three options for submitting funds to their account:
    • Mail CHECK directly to TADS
    • Automated BANK DRAFT
    •  CREDIT CARD (a 3% service charge is added)


  • PAYMENTS may be made to the account according to one of the following plans:
        • If a parent elects to pay the entire balance amount in full on or before JUNE 1st, the family’s total tuition is discounted by 4% after other discounts.
        • This discount is NOT available to parents who enroll after June 1st OR to parents who receive financial aid.
      • Pay in full is always an option but does not qualify for a discount after June 1st.
    • OPTION #2 – 2 Payments (AUTO DRAFT ONLY)
      • Payments collected on JUNE 1st and NOVEMBER 1st.
      • No additional fee for this option.
    • OPTION #3 – 11 Monthly Payments (AUTO DRAFT ONLY)
      • Additional one time service fee of $55 for this option.
      • Payments, starting in JUNE and continuing until MAY of the following year.
      • No draft is made in MARCH in order to facilitate the  re-enrollment process.
      • If a child enrolls after June, the account balance will be divided among the remaining months.



Payment for attendance for even one day in any quarter is pro-rated to that quarter.  For example:


Enrollment at ANY Time
Tuition Calculated
Time of Withdrawal
Tuition Paid In Full Option
Tuition Paid Monthly
During first quarter 100% During first quarter 75% reimbursed Payments stop November
During second quarter 75% During second quarter 50% reimbursed Payments stop January
During third quarter 50 % During third quarter 25% reimbursed Payments stop April
During fourth quarter 25 % During fourth quarter No reimbursement Payments stop June


Other Fees

  • Books and Materials Fee: $ 0
  • Capital Assessment Fee: $ 0
  • Students Activity Fee: $ 0
  • Clubs: $0 to $20 – Varies by activity.  Some clubs may also require materials.
  • Athletics (6th-12th): $65 – One fee covers participation in all sports (participation is optional).
  • Other Expenses:  Having children is expensive.  Bradford Academy does its best to keep your life simple but activities and experiences will usually have a cost attached.  To help you plan ahead, here is a list of some of the additional expenses to anticipate during the school year.
    • Uniform (Required & to be purchased ONLY from our supplier)
      • PE Uniform : +/- $25 (Purchased from FRENCH TOAST)
      • Daily and Dress Uniform (Purchased directly from our supplier, FRENCH TOAST and SCHOOLBELLES for high school).
      • Varies greatly, some parents spend between $100 to $180 per child.
      • We have two annual used uniform sales that offer greatly discounted items.
    • Day Field Trips – The students take several field trips throughout the year.  Depending on the year, the student may have two or three trips that may have a cost of $3 to $10.  Many field trips are free.
    • Overnight Field Trips – Depending on the year, students in the upper grades may have an overnight trip which may cost from $150 to $250.
    • Fundraisers – Bradford Academy does not have students sell chocolate bars, wrapping paper, donuts, gifts cards, etc.  We do however collect Boxtops for Education and participate in Amazon Smile.  We also have Bradford Night at Hwy 55 Restaurant whereby a percent of the total bill is donated to the school on the third Thursday of the month.
    • Auction – Bradford Academy has raised funds for special projects through an occasional Legacy Auction.  Parents may participate as they feel led and are able.
    • Service Projects – Occasionally students will participate in service projects and will seek contributions from parents and the Bradford Community to help meet special needs.  In the past we have collected socks for the Durham Rescue Mission, had a bake sale for Syrian Refugee Relief, assembled shoe box gifts for Operation Christmas Child, worked for Feed the Hunger, collected pennies for an orphanage in Panama, and other charitable activities.  These are optional and parents may participate as they feel led and are able.
    • Yearbook and School Pictures – Bradford Academy will provide the opportunity to purchase school pictures and yearbooks.  Prices vary depending on package and quantity. Yearbooks usually run about $30.

We hope this information is helpful as you plan for your child’s education.  If we can be of any assistance, please reach out to the school office.