2021 Virtual Bradford Academy Night


Bradford Virtual Night (Highlights)

Lower School Forum

Transitional Kindergarten – Song 1

Hey Diddle Diddle


Transitional Kindergarten – Song 2

Little Pumpkin


Kindergarten – Mrs. Rivera

1st Corinthians 13:4-8a


Kindergarten – Mrs. Lopes

5 Senses Song


First Grade – Mrs. Morgan

Columbus Poem, Part 1


First Grade – Mr. Law

Columbus Poem, Part 2


Second Grade – Mrs. Jones

Romans 12:18-19


Second Grade – Mrs. Jones

Emperors, Rulers, Tyrants, and Kings


Second Grade – Mrs. Batten

Casa Song


Second Grade – Mrs. Batten

Adverb Song


Third Grade – Mrs. McDorman

Math Measurements Sound-off


Third Grade – Mrs. Meredith

New Testament, Greece, and Rome Song


Fourth Grade – Mrs. Burtram

B.C. Facts History Song


Fifth Grade – Mrs. Erdt

Bones Sound-off