Read about the exciting clubs at Bradford Academy!

Running Club – Bradford invites all Kindergarten through 5th graders to join running club. Coaches instill a love for running in these young children with the aim of lifelong benefits. Each fall and spring season of running club culminates in a local 5k race they may choose to run. The club lasts for 4-6 weeks and costs $5 per runner.

Boys Wrestling Club – Striving on the wrestling mat with a friend teaches boys many lessons valuable for all of life. Each practice focuses on strength development and skills to master key wrestling moves. This club is open to all boys from 1st grade tArt club studentshrough high school. Wrestling club meets weekly from November through March.  Cost is approximately $20.

Tennis Club – Middle and high school students have the opportunity to learn skills and practice play in a relaxed environment. This club is offered to both boys and girls in the spring, once a week for 6-8 weeks.  Cost is approximately $15.

Chess Club – While other clubs focus on physical fitness, Chess club stretches the mind. Novice players learn the basics of the game, while experienced players are introduced to more complex strategies. Chess club is offered in the winter, once a week at no cost.

Art Club – Teachers guide students through detailed projects using new or different techniques.  Cost TBD.

Garden Club – Students have the opportunity to learn basic gardening skills while beautifying the Bradford garden behind the school.  


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