Is There Room?

Christmas 2020

Dear Bradford Academy Family and Friends,

“There is No Room!”  These distressing words were spoken to expectant parents, Mary and Joseph, long ago.  The innkeeper was caught up in the rush of crowded rooms at a busy time.

I wonder… did the innkeeper ever discover the identity of the baby? Did he learn that this baby, born in a stable, was the long-awaited Lamb of God?  I can imagine him saying, “If only I had known, I would have given Him the best room in the house.  If only I had known… I would have made room.”

At Bradford Academy, “there is room!”  There is room for Jesus.  There is room for the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!  There is a place for children to learn, grow, and prepare for a life of service.  There is a place for them to gain true wisdom from God’s Word and to meditate on truth, goodness, and beauty.  There is a place for children to blossom within the halls of a school that embraces Him with love and devotion.  There is room for Jesus because He is all in all, Lord and Savior, and King of Kings.  He is everything, and He came as a baby in a manger.

During this Christmas season, please consider “making room” for Bradford Academy on your giving list.  Bradford relies on financial support, not only to help meet our basic operational needs, but your support also helps fund tuition assistance and future needs.  We hope and pray to provide our students with the best opportunities for Christian and classical learning in this community.  Your financial participation is needed as we move forward into the New Year.

If you desire to give a portion of your gifts to the ministry of Bradford Academy, please consider one of the many easy ways outlined below.  Thank you for your faithful support of our school.

Bradford Academy wishes you a blessed Christmas season and a fruitful new year.  On behalf of the students whose lives you are helping to shape, we say thank you and God bless!

Peace and grace,  Jeff Johnston

How do I give to Bradford Academy?

  1. Any donation may be dropped off at the school during school hours or mailed to: Bradford Academy, 939 S. 3rd St., Mebane, NC 27302

2. Donating can be done online by way of credit and debit cards or with your Paypal account by visiting our donation page by clicking here.

3. If you would like to give a gift of stock or appreciating assets, please contact Jeff Johnston at: jjohnston@bradfordacademy or call (336)263-1262