Midsummer Update 2021- 07- 08



JULY 8, 2021



Our Midsummer Update contains pertinent information for the beginning of the new school year.  Please review the information carefully and send any questions you have to office@bradfordacademy.org

A few quick reminders:
  • Order uniforms now!  Don’t bring Amazon Prime 2-day shipping expectations to uniform ordering or you’ll find your kids on the first day of school without a uniform!  Go ahead and place the orders now so you have time to get everything you need.  **The boys shorts have been added back in now so you can go ahead and order!**
  • PE for K – 5th grades:  They will not be changing for PE this year.  They should have a pair of athletic shoes that fit the dress code (all black; neutral accents are ok) to wear to school on PE days.
  • Required Summer Reading:  6th – 12th grades – Please return books as soon as you finish with them so classmates can check them out.
  • Summer Reading for House points!  1st – 5th grades – Please visit our library to check out books to help your house win!
  • Immunization updates needed!  Students in Kindergarten, 7th, and 12th grades must submit an updated immunization record by the first day of school.
  • Ongoing opportunities this summer:
    • Tuesdays, 9-10am:  Cross Country Runs – Athletes in 6th – 12th grades can run at the main campus
    • Tuesdays,  7-9pm:  Boys pick up soccer at the turf fields
    • Thursdays, 7pm:  Girls pick up soccer at the MACC
***Special Note***
  • We are returning to our pre-COVID drop off times for the mornings, as we tentatively announced last spring.  Go ahead and make necessary arrangements to accommodate this later time.
    • Lower School Students:  7:40.  The school day begins at 7:55.
    • Upper School Students:  7:30.  The school day begins at 7:50.

21/22 Bradford Supply List – You can find it here.

21/22 Bradford School Calendar – You can find it here.


(Read below for details for each event.)

  • JUL 31:  Work day
  • AUG 3:  New Family Orientation6:00 pm – Main Campus (MC)
  • AUG 5:  Upper School Archer Night, 6th – 12th 
  • AUG 9:  Lower School Archer Night, K – 5th,
  • AUG 10:  1st day of school for 6th – 12th (full day)
  • AUG 11:  1st day of school for K – 6th (½ day) 
  • AUG 12:  Archer Night for TK
  • AUG 17:  1st  day of school for TK


JUL 31:  Work day
  • 8am – noon
  • Pizza lunch served
  • All families welcome to help us clean classrooms, spread mulch, prep playground, clean up cross country trails, etc.
AUG 3:  New Family Orientation
  • 6:00 – 7:00
  • Main Campus
  • For families of new students in K – 5th AND families whose oldest child is moving up to kindergarten from our TK program
AUG 5:  Upper School Archer Night
  • (Previously known as Open House)
  • At Downtown Campus (DTC)
  • 6:30:  6th graders and new students
  • 7:00:  Meet with the Headmaster, Mr. Johnston
  • 7:30:  
    • 6th graders and new students visit classrooms and meet teachers
    • 7th – 12th grader (returning students) – Meet with Mr. Johnston
  • 8:00:  7th – 12th graders (returning students) visit classrooms
AUG 9:  Lower School Archer Night
  • (Previously known as Open House)
  • At Main Campus (MC)
  • Appointments will be offered for 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30pm
  • All will meet with Mr. Johnston, then meet the teachers and visit classrooms
  • Wear dress uniform
  • 7:30 earliest drop off time
  • Wear dress uniform
  • 7:40 earliest drop off time
  • 9:00 – Kindergarten
    • Parents of kindergarten students  will drop off in the car line, then may park and come enjoy donuts and coffee.
AUG 12:  Transitional Kindergarten Archer Night
  • (Previously known as Orientation)
  • 6:00 pm
  • Main Campus
AUG 13:  K – 5TH FORUM
  • Parents of Kindergarten students and parents of new students in 1st – 5th grades, you are welcome to join us for Forum when we will induct new students into their house.
  • 8:00 – 8:30
AUG 17:  Transitional Kindergarten FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 
  • 7:40 earliest drop off time


We plan to reinstate our Bradford House Socials this fall.  Below are the dates so go ahead and mark your calendars!  (More details to come.)

  • SEPT 25:  Leiden
  • OCT 30:  Scrooby
  • NOV 6:  Austerfield
  • NOV 13:  Plymouth