FINAL Summer Update 08/01/2023



AUG 1, 2023



AUG 3:  Upper School Archer Night

  • (Previously known as Open House)
  • At Downtown Campus (DTC)
  • Students:  wear Bradford polo with logo
  • 6:30:  5th-6th graders and new students
  • 7:00:  Meet with Dr. Smith and Mr. Johnston
  • 7:30:  
    • 5th – 6th graders and new students visit classrooms and meet teachers
    • 7th – 12th grader (returning students) – Meet with Dr. Smith and Mr. Johnston
  • 8:00:  7th – 12th graders (returning students) visit classrooms

AUG 7:  Archer Night (K – 4th):  Sign up here  **Appointments required!**

  • UNIFORM RUMMAGE SALE!  **See details below**
  • (Previously known as Open House)
  • At Main Campus (MC)
  • Students:  wear Bradford polo with logo
  • Appointments will be offered for 5:30, 6:00, 6:30pm – Sign up form at top of bulletin.
  • All will meet with Mr. Johnston, then meet the teachers and visit classrooms

AUG 8:  7th – 12th Grade FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

  • Wear dress uniform
  • 7:30 earliest drop off time

AUG 9:  

  • 5th – 6th grade FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL at Upper School 
    • Wear dress uniform
    • 7:30 earliest drop off time
    • Dismissal at 3:00 pm
  • Lower School FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL
    • Wear dress uniform
    • 7:40 earliest drop off time
    • 9:00 – Kindergarten
    • Parents of kindergarten students  will drop off in the car line, then may park and come enjoy donuts and coffee.

AUG 10:  Transitional Kindergarten Archer Night

  • (Previously known as Orientation)
  • 6:00 pm
  • Main Campus

AUG 15:  Transitional Kindergarten FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 

  • 7:40 earliest drop off time

UNIFORM RUMMAGE SALE:  Monday, August 7th, 5:30 – 7:00 – weather permitting

  • This sale is a bonus!  If you need anything, this is a great way to fill in uniform gaps, or plan ahead for the fall and winter.  Our next sale will be late Oct / early Nov.  
  • Our Senior class will be hosting this sale as a fundraiser for their class trip.  
  • Uniforms will be in bins, separated by gender, item, and size.  You will be able to look through the bins.  
  • The sale will be under the carport.
  • Most items just $5!  
  • CC, cash or checks accepted.  



These checklists are simply tools to help you know you’re ready for the first day of school!  You do not need to turn them in.


Bradford Athletic Spirit Store:  Check it out here!

All kinds of gear for parents, students, grandparents can be found in this store!  These items are great for house competitions, sports practices, spectators at athletic events, wearing around the community.  Pro Tip:  order items in your house color.  The items do not replace the Bradford student uniform and are not approved for the classroom.


Please subscribe to our calendar!  

Please note these additions to the calendar:

    • August 8th:  First day of school for 7th – 12th grades
    • August 9th:  First day of school for K – 6th grades
    • Week of May 6th:  Potential dates for standardized testing (1st-7th)


All Kindergarten, 7th, and 12th grade students are required by NC state law to receive immunizations and provide updated reports to the school by the first day of school.  Please review the information here to make sure you get all that is needed.  Medical and religious exemptions are permitted. 

23/24 SUPPLY LIST:  Kindergarten through 12th grades


Now is the time to place your orders!  Since embroidery is a slower process,  I would recommend separating items with logos into a different order than items without logos to ensure you will receive some items on time.

Access Uniform Guides, etc. on our website under the Parent tab here.


Moms’ Helper and Bradford Plus are services provided to parents for both planned and unplanned circumstances.  Sometimes meetings run long, traffic backs up, emergencies arise…whatever the situation, you can be confident your child will be safe and supervised.  

  • Moms’ Helper provides care for Transitional Kindergarten students from 12:00 – 2:45.
  • Bradford Plus provides care for all students from 2:45 – 5:45.  
  • Please review the Policies and Procedures here.  
  • REGISTRATION FORM:  We ask that all parents complete this form for each student, even if you do not plan to use afterschool care.  Sometimes unexpected circumstances arise and we want to be prepared to provide the best care for your child.


Please read the “ARCHER ATHLETICS” email carefully for lots of information and details.