BB 2019 – 10 – 11



OCTOBER 11, 2019



SOCKTOBER:  Each night in the United States, an estimated 600,000 people live on the streets.  This October, we want to show that even a small act of love, such as donating a pair of socks, can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors who are homeless. There will be a container by the kitchen at the main campus and in the hallway at the DTC. This is the seventh year Caleb Rivera has been involved with this important ministry. If you have any questions, please see Caleb.  

REPORT CARDS:  Report cards have been posted on EDUCATE now.  You can sign in to your parent portal and scroll down to access a PDF of your child’s report card.  Clicking the “acknowledge” button allows us to know you have been able to view it.  


NEXT WEEK:    FALL BREAK!! No school.


  • Soccer:  State play-offs begin.  We will find out the schedule on Sunday night.
  • Volleyball:  State play-offs begin.  We will find out the schedule on Sunday night.
  • XC:  Conference champs on Wednesday, 10/16/19.




  • Monday, 10/21:  Beginning of 2nd quarter
    • Sweaters required for dress uniform
    • LEIDEN:  please bring required supplies per student – 2 tissue boxes, 3 rolls of paper towels, 2 Clorox wipes
  • Thursday, 10/24:  Running club
  • Friday, 10/25:  SCHOOL PICTURE DAY  (all students will be at Main Campus)
  • Saturday, 10/26:  XC State Championship
  • Wednesday, 10/30:  GREEK OLYMPICS (K – 6th)  **Please let us know if you can volunteer to help!
  • Friday, 11/1:  Hobbit Day! (5th)
  • Monday, 11/11:  Veteran’s Day, no school






Transitional Kindergarten (Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Grubb)

  •  This week TK learned about Joseph and his life.  We focused on God’s preservation and faithfulness to his great rescue plan through Jesus who is to come.  We also learned more about life in the times of the Bible and God’s great love and provision in hard times.  
  • TK also began memorizing Psalm 119:105.  We learned how the Bible is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path.  We are thankful God shines the way (that is bright and beautiful) for our lives through the words he has given us.   
Theme Adventure
  • This week TK transplanted their seedlings to the outside garden.  They enjoyed getting dirty as they pulled the weeds and old plants from this year and created a new beautiful bed.  We will enjoy a harvest soon! 
  • This week TK continued writing their names in all capitals.  We are practicing beginning letters at the top. When we put straight lines and curves together we can create beautiful letters!  
  • TK made their first journal entry for the year.  They got to predict and illustrate what they think the TK garden will look like.  They also revealed their favorite vegetable in the garden. 
  • We continue to build fine motor skills with creative handwriting centers.  TK is working weekly with playdough and creating art that challenges the muscles in their hands and eyes.  
  • TK reviewed Hey Diddle Diddle and also learned the nursery rhyme Mary Mary Quite contrary.
  •  TK created AB color patterns with linking cubes and teddy bear counters this week.  
  • TK worked to identify the ordinal position to fourth.  
  • TK continued to work on listening skills while acting out stories with teddy bears.  
Arts and Sciences
  • TK created beautiful colored coats similar to what they imagined Joseph would have had in the Bible. They ripped tiny pieces of paper and glued them onto a printed coat.  
  • TK planted their garden outside.  The vegetables chosen this season are ones that can withstand the cooler temperatures to come.  
  • When TK returns from fall break we will begin collecting pumpkins for our great pumpkin seed harvest and roasting at the end of October! 

Kindergarten (Mrs. Rivera & Mrs. McDorman)

This Week
  • Once again, our kindergarten scholars boarded the Bradford Express to learn how to identify some and some went away stories. They illustrated their story problems, wrote number sentences using a minus sign, and calculated the answers to their equations. Please continue to work with your child to help them memorize their sight words. (the, this, is, a, and, to, on, and, in) When we return from fall break, we will be reading our first book, Pan and The Mad Man. The Veritas Press curriculum introduces our students to beautiful works of art. Our scholars have been memorizing the names of the paintings and the artists. We introduced the letter R and reviewed our proper strokes for the letters A, M, B, P, T, D, N, G, S, and F. In art, we finished constructing our tree models and reviewed the parts of the tree. Our students enjoyed their leaf scavenger hunt to find the different kinds of trees on our property. Praying for a safe and restful fall break. 
  • We watched a historical video about the life and works of our quarterly composer, Antonio Vivaldi, for our lesson this week. We also enjoyed practicing our music for Bradford Night.
Memory Work:
  • Exodus 15:2


1st Grade (Mrs. Campbell & Mrs. Morgan)

This Week
  • The first graders enjoyed a wonderful trip to Colonial Living Days at the Alamance Battleground in Burlington.  Muskets and cannons were fired, apple cider was made using a wooden crank-style machine, names were written using a quill and ink, and many interesting facts were shared with these inquisitive, history-loving students!  We look forward to learning more about life during the colonial era in second quarter. Our class also learned more about Columbus this week as he safely landed in the Bahamas on October 12, 1492 and enjoyed the fame that came along his important discovery, but sadly it didn’t last for long.  In addition, the students continue working hard at learning new sounds and words and discovering the joy of reading! 
  • We watched a historical video about the life and works of our quarterly composer, Antonio Vivaldi, for our lesson this week. We also enjoyed practicing our music for Bradford Night.
  •  This week the students spent time learning and playing dodgeball. 
Memory Work:  
  • Quarter review


2nd Grade (Mrs. Jones)

This Week
  • What a fun Boxcar Children filled week we’ve had! The students each received a box in which to create their own boxcar. They were tasked with hunting through magazines to find items to help make their boxcar a home. They had to pretend they were digging through a trash dump to find treasures just like the children in the book did. Ask your child what their favorite find was! We also played a fun game illustrating the Ancient Egyptian dynasties to learn what they were and how they worked. They learned about the Egyptian social pyramid and how that played a role in the first significant civil war. Ask your child if they remember what a civil war is and why it is so devastating for a country. 
  • We watched a historical video about the life and works of our quarterly composer, Antonio Vivaldi, for our lesson this week. We also enjoyed practicing our music for Bradford Night.
  • This week the students spent time learning and playing dodgeball.
Memory Work: 
  • Matthew 6:19-21


3rd Grade (Mrs. Garner)

This Week
  • This week has been full of events for our 3rd grade class! During the first part of our week, we spent our afternoons making our super cool greek armor. The students did a fantastic job with the difficult duct tape to create amazing helmets and breastplates. We also finished our greek gods study in our D’Aulaires Greek Mythology book. In math, we wrote our own multiplication/equal groups word problems and presented them to the class. Our class ended the week by going on a field trip to the Greensboro Science Center. While we were there, we all recorded the animals and their biomes. What a great way to end our fabulous first quarter! 
  • We watched a historical video about the life and works of our quarterly composer, Antonio Vivaldi, for our lesson this week. We also enjoyed practicing our music for Bradford Night.
  • This week the students spent time playing dodgeball.
Memory Work:
  • 1 John 1:5, 6


4th Grade (Mrs. Hamilton) 

This Week
  • The highlight of our week has been in literature class, where students have been following Rolf in his quest for justice; not only is Rolf unable to prove his father’s unjust slaying, but he himself is made an outlaw. In math, students completed their fifth assessment as well as Investigation 3–working with fractions, decimals, and percents. Students had great discussions in history regarding the effects of the Carolingian Dynasty and the influence Pepin’s seemingly insignificant decisions had on the Middle Ages and the power of the Pope. Another bright highlight in the class are the seedlings we planted last week that are coming up bravely to begin the process of photosynthesis. 
  •  We watched a historical video about the life and works of our quarterly composer, Antonio Vivaldi, for our lesson this week. We also enjoyed practicing our music for Bradford Night.
  • This week the students spent time playing dodgeball.
Memory Work:
  • Psalm 23


5th Grade (Ms. Windes) 

This Week
  • We all had a fantastic trip to the Alamance Battleground for Colonial Living Days this week! We learned about wig making and the many uses of horns, sampled freshly pressed apple cider, wrote with quill pens, watched a cake cook over a fire, and so much more! This corresponds really well with our history curriculum as this week we learned about the beginning of one of the first colonies, the Plymouth colony in Massachusetts founded in part by our namesake, William Bradford! Over the next several weeks, we will continue learning about the founding of more of the early colonies and colonial life. Students polished their writing assignments about the explorers and we discussed and practiced creating stronger topic and conclusion sentences. In art, the students finished and turned in their still life projects using a mixture of colored pencil and pencil. You all will get to view their art at Bradford Night! 
  •  We watched a historical video about the life and works of our quarterly composer, Antonio Vivaldi, for our lesson this week. We also enjoyed practicing our music for Bradford Night.
  • This week the students spent time playing dodgeball.

Memory Work:

  • Romans 12: all! Each student recited the entire chapter! A real accomplishment! 
  • History song
  • Perfect Squares song


6th Grade (Mrs. Garrett) 

This Week
  • Diving into Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book proved to be exciting as the class learned the details of Mowgli’s background in the jungles of India. In addition, the students began researching great inventors and scientists prior to 1850 for future presentations. The class focused on creating circles, inscribed polygons, sectors and specific measurements for central angles with their protractors and compasses. In addition, the students finished up their individual graphs and their conclusions for the science experiments they conducted on their own. Ask a sixth grader what they discovered about paper airplane shapes, paper towel brands, chewing gum or weighted pendants swinging from a string! You might learn some exciting discoveries resulting from their hypotheses and experimentation!
  •  We watched a historical video about the life and works of our quarterly composer, Antonio Vivaldi, for our lesson this week. We also enjoyed practicing our music for Bradford Night.
  • This week the students spent time playing dodgeball.
Memory Work:
  • I John 1-2:10, Literary Devices Song, individual poems, history song




Mrs. Byrd

  • After learning the basic definition of a derivative, we have begun learning some differentiation rules.  After break we will take up more of these and also see how differentiation is useful in various applications.
  • We used our polynomial knowledge to find the villain in a CSI style crime solving case.  Then we began to learn how to interpret and graph rational functions.
  • Our class took a short test reviewing math properties to help incorporate them into our proof writing “arsenal”.  We will take up more on this topic after break. The rest of the week is spent constructing our popsicle stick bridges; each group has a unique design.  We plan to test which design is the strongest at the end of the week following our break.

Dr. Byrd

10th Bible Survey
  • This week we learned about God’s kind and wonderful providence and provision in the book of Ruth. God worked in her heart to trust in the God of Israel and to leave her people to return with Naomi to Bethlehem.  Boaz is a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ as he is a Kinsman Redeemer. Our Lord Jesus comes through the line of Ruth and Boaz. Boaz great grandson is David.  
  • In addition, we began our study of the book of I Samuel. Samuel had a special mother strong in faith who prayed to the Lord earnestly and He heard her request. Samuel means asked of the Lord. Even as a child when Samuel heard God’s voice, he obeyed the Lord. The Lord made him a mighty prophet, leader, and judge in Israel. 
  • Memory work: I Samuel 12:23-24


Mrs. Dovan

10th Rhetoric I 
  • This week we launched into the five canons of rhetoric.  We began with invention, a term that used to primarily refer to the process of discovering good ideas.  Where do you go to find good arguments and content? There are several mental places you can go: comparison, definition, relationship, circumstance, and testimony.
12th Rhetoric II
  • The students have worked hard on their collaborative first-semester project this week as well as their encomium first drafts.  We’ve also been reviewing sentence structure and paragraph coherence.


Mrs. Frueh

7th Grade Science:
  • We had some fun this week putting Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation to work to see if we could calculate the mass of the Earth. With a few mathematical gymnastics that included multiplication and division using scientific notation, we were able to successfully calculate Earth’s mass!! 
8th Grade Science:
  • Our current area of study is states of matter. The students learned this week to distinguish between endothermic and exothermic changes and to classify the 6 common changes of state as either endothermic or exothermic. 

Mr. Hamilton

9th History
  • We are ending the quarter with our final test, which covers changes in Europe after the Reformation. Students have done a good job listening, taking notes, discussing important ideas, and analyzing key figures and movements so far this year.
9th Literature
  • Our final exam will be a collaborative essay with our theology class. Special attention will be paid to how well students have mastered the basic academic essay. 
9th Theology
  • Our theology class this year has been an incredibly deep and interesting study of key ideas found in the Westminster Confession. I’m quite proud of how our 9th graders have worked hard to understand and analyze various doctrines relating to God’s divine purpose, free will, gender, human beings, and much else.
10th History
  • It’s been a great first quarter covering ancient history. We will finish our quarter with an essay covering one key time period from our study.
10th Literature
  • I honestly feel that this first quarter has been incredibly useful. Beginning the year with the biblical books of Proverbs and Job has helped our students lay a great spiritual foundation for the year, and our two primary themes so far, true wisdom and God and evil, have generated much excellent discussion and serious reflection.
11th Philosophy/Apologetics
  • We finished our quarter with a look at middle knowledge (Molinism) and how free will advocates are attempting to use it to solve various problems in philosophy of religion. We noted the limitations of this notion and pointed out how advocating for middle knowledge does not really get one off the hook.
12th History
  • We’ve had a nice beginning to the year, covering key figures and movements in the early modern period.
12th Literature
  • We have wrapped up Shakespeare’s Hamlet and will end the quarter with a seminar discussing the controversial topic of the play’s merits.

Dr. James

10th Chemistry
  • This week we reviewed for the final exam, which the students took on Wednesday. 
  • Enjoy Fall Break next week.  
  • Next quarter the students will be introduced to topics such as bonding and reactions. 

Miss Oldham

8th Grade Omnibus
  • The students will begin On the Incarnation after break. Currently we are finishing up our quarter 1 assignments and getting ready for Fall Break. 
11th Grade Literature
  • The students enjoyed Romeo and Juliet. We’ve looked at a few of the motifs that will recur throughout the play. They are also enjoying watching several interpretations of the play and comparing/contrasting them to Shakespeare’s original play. They will begin traveling with Dante after the break, going through Hell, up through Purgatory, and then into Paradise. 
11th Grade History
  • The students are discussing how history repeats itself and how we still feel some of the ripple effects from the Dark Ages today. 
7th Latin
  • Our Latin scholars have finished through chapter 19 and will pick up with chapter 20 when we get back from the break. 
8th Latin
  • Our Latin scholars have finished unit 6 and will begin unit 7 when we return from break. This is the final unit in our Latin Alive Book 1! 


Mrs. Palmer 

7th Art
  • This week we finished up our comic strips and mounted them to black matte. They turned out great! We can’t wait to display our hard work soon.
8th Art
  • This week we continued to work towards finishing our pen and ink historical figure portraits.  They are coming along nicely!
9th Spanish 
  •  This week we talked through when we use the verbs SER and ESTAR.  They learned two acronyms to help with this. We also continued conjugating -AR ending verbs and reviewed vocabulary!

10th/11th Spanish

  • This week we added some new food vocabulary.  Students worked in groups to create menus and write a Spanish conversation that might take place at a restaurant.  We also reviewed the preterite tense and will continue to do so in the weeks ahead. Students are always encouraged to study their vocabulary/notes! 🙂


Mr. Palmer

7th Pre-Algebra
  •  This week we reviewed adding fractions and how to use the order of operations. 
8th Algebra I
  • This week we learned how to solve equations with parentheses and how to work with negative exponents. 
10th Algebra II
  • This week we learned how to do trinomial factoring.
9th IntermediateLogic
  • This week we prepared for a test and then took a test.
12th Systematic Theology
  • This week we finished up learning the Doctrine of Scripture.


Mr. Davis

7th and 8th Grade Choir
  • This week the students learned basic music theory in choir class.

7th Grade Logic

  • This week the students finished unit 3 in logic and took an exam. 

8th Grade Logic 

  • This week the students finished unit 2 and took an exam.     

10th Grade Advanced P.E.

  • This week the students played ultimate frisbee, worked on core muscle development and upper body development. 


Ms.  Hutchison

7th Grade Omnibus
  • 7th grade students have concluded their study of the book of Exodus this week.  They have learned about the detailed blueprint that God gave the Israelistes for the building of the tabernacle and have begun an exciting “Tabernacle Project”, which will be due on Monday, November 4.  Your students took a unit test on Exodus this week and performed very well on it.
  • In Composition, our seventh graders are continuing to hone their skills at writing persuasive essays.  They submitted essays on the question about whether or not the punishments dictated by God for crimes committed among His people in the Old Testament are applicable in our modern day.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading their insights.
  • In Forum, 7th grade learned about the hymn I Know Whom I Have Believed by Daniel Webster Whittle and continue to work on their memorization of 2 Timothy chapter 1.

9th Grade Biology

  • General Biology students concluded their study of Kingdom Protista.  They competed fiercely in a rousing game of “Teams, Games and Tournaments” to review for their Module Test.  Congratulations to our winning team: George, Emma and Elijah!

12th Grade Biology

  • Honors Biology students worked diligently to wrap up their study of subcellular components.  They took a Unit Test on the cell and performed a lab to demonstrate diffusion across a selectively permeable membrane.