BB 11-04-22



Nov 04, 2022




DECLAMATION CLASS WINNERS:  Upper school students are required to memorize and deliver a speech to their class and before a panel of judges.  The top 2 students from each class will go on to the final competition for house points.  Congratulations to the class winners!

  • 6th:  Ian Frueh, Elise Palmer
  • 7th:  Eleni Kohl, Nick Meredith
  • 8th:  Brianna Hicks, Savannah Drews
  • 9th:  Aiden Mattioli, Maci VanDeventer
  • 10th:  Rachel Rosenberg, Levi Hedgecock
  • 11th:  Brooke Garrett, Christopher Garrett

 Sickness:  Please remember our sick policy.  Students must remain fever-free or vomit-free for a full 24 hours without the aid of medication before they are allowed to return to school.  We will send them home if they come back to school too early.  Sometimes students are very congested or seem ill, even though they do not have a fever or stomach upset.  Please err on the side of caution in cases like this to avoid the unnecessary spread of sickness.

Applications for 23/24 School Year:  Applications are slated to open on 12/1/22.  If you have children you want to be considered for enrollment, we urge you to complete an application as soon as it opens.  Please have their birth certificate and immunizations on hand to upload at the same time.  If you have friends and family who would like to enroll, please encourage them to schedule a tour!  

Immunizations for TK, 6th and 11th graders:  The state of NC requires students going into K, 7th and 12th to receive certain immunizations and have a report on file with the school prior to the first day of the new school year.  Please plan in advance for these and submit the report to the office as soon as they are completed.  **If you have a medical or religious exemption, please submit a letter stating such.




  • Mon. 11/7:  Makeup School Pictures, 8:30, lower school campus
  • Wed, 11/9 –  Fri, 11/11:  10th and 11th grades to DC
  • Thurs, 11/10:  Return picture proofs!  
  • Fri, 11/11:  NO SCHOOL, Veterans Day



  • Thurs, 11/17 – Bradford Night (K – 2nd grades), 7pm
  • Mon, 11/21 – Hobbit Day (5th grade)
  • Tues, 11/22 – 
    • Lower school:  Thanksgiving feast 
    • Upper school:  Declamation and pumpkin rugby
    • First Home basketball games of the season! 
  • Wed, 11/23 – Fri, 11/25 – Thanksgiving break
  • Sat, 11/26:  Christmas Caroling downtown Mebane – upper school chorus and club
  • Thurs, 12/8 – 
    • 4th and 5th grade:  Nutcracker field trip.
    • Christmas concert – middle school chorus, band, and HS chorus club 
  • Fri, 12/16 – Dismissal at noon.  Christmas celebration
  • Mon 12/19 – Mon 1/2 – Christmas break 






Transitional Kindergarten (Mrs. Rich and Mrs. Grubb)

TK enjoyed a great fall week! We spent time in the forest looking for changing leaves and falling acorns and were able to spot many here on campus. Fall is definitely here! TK students worked hard in math this week making AB patterns using our voices and bodies, sorting items in different ways, and ordering numbers 1-10. Our letters of the week were E and F. Students practiced writing these letters and brought in items that begin with these sounds for show & tell. Next week our letters will be H and T.  Last week students learned what a compound word is and this week we were able to build upon this concept by putting 2 words together to create a compound word and identifying the 2 words that make up a compound word. See if your student can tell you what a compound word is! (1 word plus another word to make a new word such as “Fish” + “Bowl”=Fishbowl!) We studied Joshua and the battle of Jericho this week and learned what makes a good leader. We also marched around outside much like Joshua did around Jericho. Next week we will begin learning about David. 

Lower School P.E. (Mrs. Bennington)

K – 5th
  • Students had a great time in PE preparing for and discussing  the Greek Olympics. Students all tried their best and exhibited a high level of good sportsmanship at the Greek Olympics. 

Lower School Music (Mrs. Bennington)

  • Kindergarten, First and Second grade students worked on selections for their Bradford Night performance in November. Kindergarten through third grade learned a new vocal warm-up and worked hard on matching pitches. Third grade also worked on, “Good Christian Men Rejoice”. 
  • Fourth and Fifth grade students worked on several songs in their recorder books. Students worked on pages 10-13, page 16, and “Jolly Old Saint Nick”. Students have been asked to practice at least three times, for ten minutes, this coming week before our next Music Class. Students are making great progress and practice will increase the rate at which we can improve. 


Lower School Art (Mrs. Palmer)

  • This week students finished up their watercolor pumpkin paintings.  We matted their pumpkins and proudly displayed them in their classrooms!
  • This week students finished up their oil pastel pumpkin drawings.  We will proudly display these in their classroom!
  • This week students finished up their pen and ink pumpkin drawings.  We will proudly display these soon!

Kindergarten (Mrs. Lopes and Mrs. Rivera)

This Week
  •  This week our students are hard at work preparing for Bradford Night in two weeks! We are practicing our songs and Bible verses, working on nice, straight posture, and trying to smile while singing. In math, we’ve learned to count by 10’s, to subtract 1 from a number and stretch our thinking skills by using many different ways to cover shapes with pattern blocks. We’ve started our second reader of the quarter, and students are loving reading about the cat, Bad Meg. In science, we are just starting our study of the seasons by looking at the rotation of the earth around the sun, and how that impacts our year. We also had a visit from the fire department with their smoke house this week. Our students were guided through the house and instructed by the firemen how to escape from a burning building. 
Memory Work:
  • Genesis 1:1
  • Review all verses
  • Bradford Night Thursday, November 17


1st Grade (Mrs. Morgan & Mrs. Smith)

This Week
  •  This week we read about Orville and Wilbur Wright and their flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. We had an opportunity to decorate and fly our own glider planes. In history we completed our story of Pocohontas and made  necklaces, Indian headdresses, and wigwams. In grammar we identified proper and common nouns. In math we had a delicious time  learning about fractions and bar graphs by cutting up and taste testing a variety of apples. In science we continued our study of the class of animals and the Carolina Chickadee, our bird of the month.
Memory Work:  
  • Memory verse review week. 
  • State Projects Due Monday, November 14
  • Bradford Night Thursday, November 17


2nd Grade (Ms. Hedgecock & Mrs. Batten)

This Week
  • What a bittersweet time closing out our unit on the beloved classic The Boxcar Children! Students have done so well reading and working through comprehension questions with this novel, and we all had so much fun ending the week with Boxcar Children Day! Students loved getting to eat a “Boxcar lunch” and make their own replicas of the boxcar from the story. In math, we have begun learning and practicing multiplication facts! This is such an exciting time and a huge shift in learning for your children. In history, we spent the week learning about and reading the story of Hagar and Ishmael. This is such an interesting story in the life of Abraham, and students were so shocked by Abraham and Sarah’s actions towards Hagar. This is a wonderful story to talk to your child about the value of loving those around us in a Christlike way and also trusting in God’s plan and not our own! The second quarter is filled with all new and challenging topics and tasks, so please be diligent in working with and checking your child’s nightly homework. They are going to be needing lots of extra support at home throughout the next few quarters, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need clarification on anything.
Memory Work: 
  • Proverbs 25:11-13 (this week)
  • Proverbs 25:14-16 (next week)
  • Veterans Day – No School – November 11th
  • Animal Habitat projects due – November 17th (Please have your child practice presenting!)
  • Bradford Night – November 17th


3rd Grade (Mrs. McDorman and Mrs. Meredith)

This Week
  • Psalm 19:1 tells us that “The heavens declare the glory of God,” and as they begin their moon observation projects, we hope your students stand in awe at His magnificent handiwork! In writing, they are tackling the task of adding dress-ups, like quality adjectives and -ly words, to enhance their creative writing pieces. Ask them how their teacher demonstrated a peacock “unexpectedly” strutting across the garden. In Latin, they added another 40 vocabulary words to their mental memory bank for a total of 80 words studied. Then they put their grammar tools to work—first by classifying Latin sentences and then by translating them into English. Students have been excitedly planning their projects, and I am sure parents are busy assisting them. It is part of the classical process to help students clearly communicate what they have learned!
Memory Work:
  • John 10: 9-10
  • 11/16- Greek god project
  • 11/18- The Great Greek Feast
  • 11/31- Moon observation project ENDS


4th Grade (Mrs. Burtram and Mrs. Lawson) 

This Week
  • We had a wonderful week learning Latin Prepositions!  We learned a song and hand motions for over 20 vocabulary words.  We practiced our editing skills with capitalization and punctuation rules.  We edited written work and practiced using the editor’s checklist for independent writing.

The students started writing their own stories for Burlington Writers Club and will finish their first drafts next week.  The students had discussions about The East West Schism and we learned about the reasons why the Catholic Church split between the Roman Church in the West and the Eastern Orthodox Church in the East.  Math was engaging this week studying mixed numbers using a number line and identifying triangles by sides.

Memory Work:
  • Psalm 23: 1-6
  • Field Trip Information coming soon
  • Feudal System Projects due Nov. 15th
  • Medieval Classroom Feast Nov. 17th


5th Grade (Mrs. Owens) 

This Week
  • This week we continued to discuss the providence of God as we finished the book, Voyage to Freedom.  We continue to work through The Hobbit and have begun to start preparing for Hobbit Day.  Science has continued to be a favorite subject and this week we began to look at what elements make up the human body.    Ask your student who Dimitri Mendeleev is!  In the midst of all of our hard work, we have had some fun playing a few rounds of “trashketball” to help us recall information from our previous history cards.   
Memory Work:
  • This week: Psalm 51:10-12
  • Next week: Isaiah 40:1-2
  • Thursday mornings 7:50am – Parent Prayer Group
  • November 21st – Hobbit Day




Mrs. Bennington

6th-8th Band
  • Students turned in their second practice record and  received their third practice record to start documenting weekly practice and assignments.  We discussed the importance of at-home practice and the expectations for effective practice. Practice records need to be turned in every Tuesday for a grade. We spent a lot of time this week reviewing our newest notes and when to take a breath to start phrasing correctly. Students did a great job on their first partner test on 1.31. We also started working on a new concert piece this week. 


Mrs. Thrasher

6th-8th Choir
  • On Tuesday, we all assembled our music folders in performance order, which is making rehearsals that much more convenient! The students have made excellent progress on singing the correct notes, thanks to their regular practice at home. We were able to spend more time working on rhythm, dynamics, and posture this week. Time is flying… only a few more weeks until part of the group gets to sing Christmas carols downtown!

Mr. Davis

6th -8th Boys’ PE
  • This week the students played flag tag and football. Flag tag is a great game that increases speed and coordination. 

Miss Stevenson

6th-8th Girls’ PE
  • This week we continued playing soccer.
6th Reading and Literature
  • We are continuing to work our way through Across Five Aprils.
6th Grammar and Writing
  • The students did a great job on their Civil War Presentations this week! I look forward to reading their research papers that they turned in on Friday.
6th Bible
  • We are continuing to work our way through the Gospel of Luke.
6th History
  • This week we learned about the Opening of the Oregon Territory.
6th Science
  • This was a review week in Science. On Thursday the kids were quizzed on their knowledge of the ORDER of life, the five Kingdoms of living things, the differences between things that are alive or not alive (dead, synthetic, or never alive), as well as vocabulary and Greek roots connected with the topic.
6th Logic
  • This week we continued to watch election debates and look for logical fallacies.

Miss Windes

6th Grade Latin
  • Sixth graders continue to practice transitive verbs, the accusative case, and direct objects as they learn new vocabulary. 

Mrs. Frueh

6th Grade Math
  • As we approach increasingly complex probability problems, the students are learning to organize possible outcomes into sample spaces. They have learned to organize these sample spaces with brackets, tree diagrams, and tables.
  • Reminder: Students are responsible for checking and correcting their math homework each and every night. This is an invaluable skill in developing their independent math skills. Please check in with your child. Make sure that they are signing into Google Classroom to check their homework daily.

Mrs. Palmer 

6th Art
  • This week students matted and finished their watercolor leaf paintings.  These are now proudly hung in the hallway at upper campus.  Students also began an Italian landscape drawing inspired by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, our artist of the quarter. 


Mrs. Crotts

7th Grammar and Writing
  • Students began researching examples to support points in an essay: the Ancient Greeks view of glory vs. Soli Deo Gloria (Biblical view of glory).  They were challenged to find one or more Bible verses/passages or theological quotes supporting “God, alone, receiving all glory.”  Secondly, they were asked to discover an example from Greek mythology demonstrating a character/characters praised for their strengths, but also having  faults.  
7th Grade Omnibus
  • Odyssey Play: The students worked hard and demonstrated  impressive  creativity and dedication committing the lines to memory–even the understudies showed improvement.  What a talented bunch!  Also, students showed a humble side  as not everyone could have a main part.  It took all varieties of personalities to conquer this task!  They performed the play a second time for the Lower School 3rd graders on Monday.
  • This is Declamation week—we spent portions of class practicing speeches.  I am excited for them; they have worked hard, for the most part, and have been able to spend time perfecting their style!  Also, we began reading the book of Isaiah in the ESV Bible.  And students were given copies of LITERARY TERMS; we will play a few games to prepare for a quiz on Nov. 15.  Next up we will  read portions of Chosen by God, by R. C. Sproul.  
7th Logic
  • We are working our way through emotional fallacies in our logic workbooks.  Providentially, a few “discussions” or “comments” between students before class or during activities have provided wonderful teaching moments: appeals to emotion—“Mrs. Crotts, because I am tired, may we play a game?” Or, “Mrs. Crotts, because I am loaded down with assignments can we simply skip this assignment? “  And,  “I think _____ is rude because he likes to play this game…” We were able to determine if “ad hominem”–attacking the man was the correct method of expressing a point or frustration.

Mrs. Frueh

7th Grade Science
  • The students submitted their lab report rough drafts this week. After peer editing and teacher editing, they will spend the next two weeks polishing a final copy.
7th Grade Pre-Algebra
  • The students are learning to apply the order of operations to increasingly complex problems, as well as to calculate more complex overall averages.
  • Reminder: Students are responsible for checking and correcting their math homework each and every night. This is an invaluable skill in developing their independent math skills. Please check in with your child. Make sure that they are signing into Google Classroom to check their homework daily.

Mrs. Palmer 

7th Art
  • This week students worked on their charcoal architecture finals.  We talked about detail, grayscale and accuracy/precision in rendering our drawings.

Miss Windes

7th Grade Latin
  • Seventh graders worked on a longer translation section, and we are also beginning a new chapter with a new set of vocabulary words including new third declension endings.


Miss Windes

8th Grade Omnibus
  • History: In eighth grade history, we are beginning to learn about Charlemagne and his Carolingian empire as we prepare for our second test covering from the fall of Rome through the Anglo Saxon period in England. 
  • Literature: We continue reading Beowulf, discussing the definition of a true hero, of the author’s portrayal of evil in the book, and of the loyalty between man and his leader.
  • Composition: The students have begun a new essay on a topic of their choice from Beowulf, also learning about the literary device of metaphors and writing a second draft of their Hopkins imitation poems.
8th Grade Latin
  • Eighth graders have been learning and practicing the future perfect and pluperfect tenses even as they continue practicing longer translations. 

Mrs. Frueh

8th Grade Science
  • We have continued to explore changes of state for various types of matter. The students learned how to calculate the latent heat of vaporization and latent heat of fusion for water through experimentation.
8th Grade Algebra I
  • We are now learning to apply all of our algebra principles to rational expressions (fractional expressions). The students are becoming adept at distributing exponential terms through rational expressions and then simplifying the results..
  • Reminder: Students are responsible for checking and correcting their math homework each and every night. This is an invaluable skill in developing their independent math skills. Please check in with your child. Make sure that they are signing into Google Classroom to check their homework daily.

Mrs. Palmer 

8th Art
  • This week students continued working on their magazine portrait finals.  These portraits are either of a famous artist or are a portrayal of a famous portrait.  

Mr. Davis

8th Logic
  • This week the students worked on lessons 13 and 14 and took a quiz on lessons 12-14. 



  • I finished meeting with the juniors individually this week. One of their biggest action items at the moment is building their college list. Many of them are well on their way! Here are a few resources to help: 
  • This continues to be a busy season! My door is always open for parents and students. 

Mrs. Palmer 

9th Spanish 
  • This week we worked on conjugating the three main types of Spanish verbs, -AR, -ER and -IR.  We also conjugated the irregular verb “ir.”  We worked on vocabulary, using our articles accurately and distinguishing between singular and plural. 

Mr. Crotts

9th Logic
  • We made our way through three lessons this week and will have our second unit test next Thursday.

Dr. James

9th Geometry
  • This week the students took their second test of Q2.  
  • Next week we will begin building up toward proofs.

Mrs. Hicks

9th Biology
  • This week we started our unit on Biochemistry! This is an introduction to all the things they will learn in Chemistry next year and how and why they are important in Biology. 

Dr. Smith

9th Theology
  • Students are working on not separating what we believe (the content of Scripture and its implications) from whom we believe (God). They are currently working in two groups seeking to cooperate in developing answers to questions that mirror what the early church leaders had to do in developing theological statements. 

Mrs. Crotts

9th Grade Literature
  • Students concluded final drafts of Essay 2: They  were tasked with choosing between 1) observing a picture that inspired one of Dickens’ “Pickwick Papers” and writing a fresh  depiction of the scene, or 2)  writing an essay highlighting the political turmoil leading up to the French Revolution, the underlying element of Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities.

 This class is filled with talented and entertaining writers!  My hope is that those who do not love to write will at least give their best effort and even find joy in writing–rejoicing that God communicates with us using LOGOS and be spurred to communicate well for His glory rather than simply whiz through a checklist of requirements.

Mrs. Fairchild

9th Grade Advanced Art
  • We have completed our watercolor paintings of animals and began discussing masterpieces completed during the French Revolution.  We compared and contrasted the differences between a reformation and a revolution.  Lastly, we compared the death of Christ to Jacques-Louis David’s painting of the Death of Marat. 

Coach Johnston

9th History
  • Students completed their overview of the American Revolution this week and on Friday completed an extended review in preparation for their unit test.


Mrs. Byrd

10th Algebra II
  • We spend the week simplifying rational expressions,  solving perfect square equations, and wrangling with exponential to radical notation and simplification. We are learning how to manipulate an expression or equation into a form that is most useful for a purpose at hand.


Dr. Byrd

10th Bible Survey
  • This week we looked at the life of David in the second half of II Samuel. We saw David’s sin and repentance, particularly described in Psalm 51 and 32. We also studied how the Lord preserved David from his son Absalom  in several unique ways. 
  • No Bible memory has been assigned. However, students were encouraged to think about finding a missionary biography or Christian book for the book analysis project. 

Mrs. Crotts

10th Grade Literature
  • Students completed group presentations of various sections of the Iliad, then busied themselves with conquering assignments soon due–Essay 2–the Ancient Greeks’ view of glory versus the Christian/Biblical view of glory (soli deo gloria) and practicing Declamation (speeches).  Also, they were given a  review of literary terms to aid writing styles and will be quizzed in the weeks following.  This is a creative class!

Dr. James

10th Chemistry
  • This week the students practiced Lewis structures and built molecules with models to learn about bond angles, rotations, and molecular geometry.
  • Next week is short due to the DC trip, so we will only have time for comparing features of covalent, ionic, and metallic bonds.

Coach Johnston

10th History
  • Students completed their study of the Ancient Near East empires and took their unit test on Wednesday. Friday introduced our first section on Ancient Greece. An excellent topic of discussion would be regarding the significance of and frequent misapplication of dreams.
10th PE
  • Students continued to do daily workouts and participate in the flag football unit this week. Each student showed excellent improvement over the past two weeks  in both better understanding and gaining the ability to play flag football.

Miss Oldham

10th Rhetoric I
  • Students have been preparing for Declamation and working on writing their second speeches. They’re giving these on Tuesday before they leave for Washington DC. 

Mrs. Palmer 

10th Spanish
  • This week students took an irregular preterite Spanish verb test.  Students worked on new vocabulary as well as reviewed past vocabulary.  We also compared and contrasted the preterite and imperfect Spanish verb tenses. 


Mrs. Byrd

11th Physics
  • We wrapped up our study of two dimensional motion and have been considering Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.  The second law, F=ma, introduces a new facet of physics, dynamics, the study of interacting forces.  Our first major topic will be considering the basic forces of weight and friction.
11th Precalculus
  • Our topic for the week has been rational functions.  These functions involve limiting values or boundaries and can be useful to represent cost, work, or motion situations.  We are learning how to identify or create boundaries in the function by analyzing asymptotes.

Dr. James

11th Personal Finance
  • This week the students learned about different types of taxes and how to complete a simple tax return.
  • Next week we will finish the section on taxes and will then go to DC.  How appropriate!

Miss Oldham

11th Grade Literature
  • Students have been reading Much Ado About Nothing and watching the Royal Shakespeare Company’s interpretation of the text. It’s been a wonderful look at the original romantic comedy! 

Dr. Smith

11th NT Greek
  • Students continue to translate portions of the New Testament, are increasing their vocabulary, working on improving their recognition of the cases that nouns are in and incorporating a new knowledge and use of personal and impersonal pronouns. Along the way, they are seeing how the syntax of sentences helps guide the translator. 

Mr. Webster

11th Grade History
  • This week we finished chapter eight of the textbook which covered Islamic civilization and their influence in western culture. We are finishing the week with a test. 


Mrs. Byrd

12th Calculus
  • We are now putting derivatives to work and are using them to find instantaneous velocity, acceleration, and other rates of change.  We are also using derivatives to find relative maximums and minimums algebraically and graphically.  In real life these calculations help identify points of maximum profit or loss, points of optimization, or relate two quantities that are changing at the same time.

Mrs. Hicks

12th Anatomy
  • This week we are reviewing the Digestive and Urinary Systems in preparation for our test on Tuesday! 

Coach Johnston

12th History
  • Students have nearly completed their overview of the American Revolution this week, including a short reading and discussion of the Declaration of Independence and the American Crisis.  We will conclude the unit material on Monday and students will take a test assessment on Wednesday (11/9).

Miss Oldham

12th Grade Literature
  • Students have been discussing The Red Badge of Courage and the philosophical ideas Stephen Crane presents his readers. We will be wrapping this novel up next week!
12th Grade Shakespeare Elective
  • Students have begun to read Antony and Cleopatra
12th Rhetoric II
  • The rough drafts for the students’ papers is November 18th, and they are starting to feel the pressure. I am encouraging the students to begin writing their papers now so that they don’t overwhelm themselves closer to the due date. Please keep our seniors in your prayers that they continue to run this race to God’s glory.