BB 10/20/2023



Oct 20, 2023



Congratulations!  Our Varsity Soccer team advanced to the semifinals for the State Championship!  They will play again on Tuesday, 10/24 at 3:30pm at the turf soccer fields.  Come and cheer them on!

Also Congratulations to our Varsity Girls Cross Country team for finishing 1st in our conference in their race yesterday.  All varsity runners will compete in the State Championship on Friday, 10/27.


  • 2nd and 3rd QUARTERS:  Sweaters required with dress uniform
  • 2nd Quarter:  Plymouth to bring in extra supplies (required)
  • SOCKTOBER:  Did you know that socks are the least donated item in most shelters? Every night in the United States, an estimated 600,000 people live on the streets. For our 11th year, during October, we want to prove that a small act of love (donating a pair of socks) can make a big difference for those who are homeless.  Donations  collected at the Lower School will be taken to the Piedmont Rescue Mission in Burlington.  We have also partnered with a local business that will allow us to purchase a dozen socks for $5.00. Your student may give $5.00  to their teacher or to the office.  Our collection will end on Nov. 3rd
  • UNIFORM SALE:  Thursday, 10/26, 11:30 – 4pm – no sign up required!
  • November 10th Bradford Camp Interest Form:  If you would like for you TK – 8th grade student participate in the Bradford Camp hosted by our Senior class, please fill out this form!  
  • FCA Boys Wrestling Club:  Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
    • Fridays 4:30 – 6:30pm 
    • Nov 3rd -March 29th
    • New Millennium Martial Arts (behind Sheetz gas station on Mebane Oaks Rd.)
    • $20 for the season
    • Ages 8-16  
    • Questions? Contact Coach Randall,, 919-491-4295
  • From Mrs. Mitchell:  Growing habits of attentiveness are evident as our students settle into the 2nd quarter.  Educators have a unique opportunity to nurture and expand attention spans through engaging subject matter.   As students progress through Bradford’s Lower School, lessons extend in length and difficulty to train for future rigor. The Lower School’s commitment to be low tech supports this effort.   As one of my favorite quotes says, “All rigor is not mortis.”  Rigor is actually brain training of the highest order!  One of an educator’s greatest challenges today is competing with a student’s experience with all the fleeting, visual material available on screens. We all default easily to this pleasurable experience.  Let me challenge you:  if you have not kept a log recently of how much time your student actually spends on screens, it would be a good exercise.  
  • GREEK OLYMPICS :  Just one week away!  A few more volunteers are needed:  Click here to sign up for the Greek Olympics on Friday, October 27th.
    • Students should come to school wearing a t-shirt in their house color, black PE shorts or sweatpants, and athletic shoes.  Bring layers as it may start out cool and warm up.
      • Austerfield: black,  Leiden: red,  Plymouth: white,  Scrooby: gray
    • Water bottles and snacks should be labeled with the student’s name. 



  • Tues, 10/24: Varsity Boys Soccer HOME Game (3:30) *State Semi-final
  • Thurs, 10/26:  USED UNIFORM SALE:  11:30am – 4pm
  • Fri, 10/27:  
    • K – 4th:  Greek Olympics – Parade starts at 9am!
    • Plymouth HOUSE SOCIAL
    • Varsity Girls & Boys Cross Country compete at the State Championships
  • Sat, 10/28:
    • Varsity Boys State Championship game (noon) *will play if the boys win on Tues (10/24)
    • Leiden HOUSE SOCIAL


  • Thurs, 11/2 and Fri, 11/3:  Parents’ Day at Upper School Campus
  • Thurs, 11/2:  Lower school Pictures **DRESS UNIFORM!**
  • Fri, 11/3:  
    • Upper school Pictures
    • Austerfield HOUSE SOCIAL 
  • Sat, 11/4:
    • Scrooby HOUSE SOCIAL
  • Thurs, 11/9:  5th grade Hobbit Play (at lower school campus)
  • Fri, 11/10:  NO SCHOOL – Veterans Day observed
  • Thurs, 11/16:  Bradford Night (K – 2nd)
  • Tues, 11/21:  Thanksgiving Feast and activities (TK – 4th), Declamation and Pumpkin Rugby 
  • Wed, 11/22 – Fri, 11/24:  Thanksgiving break
  • Fri, 12/1 – Applications open for NEW students
  • Thurs, 12/14 – Christmas Concert (Upper school)
  • Wed, 12/20 – TK Nativity Play
  • Thurs, 12/21 – 
    • End of 2nd quarter
    • NOON DISMISSAL – Christmas break commences!






Transitional Kindergarten (Mrs. Grubb and Mrs. Weber)

  •  TK kicked off the second quarter learning about pumpkins in preparation for harvesting seeds and roasting next week. We learned about the parts of a pumpkin and even learned a song to help us remember these parts. In math, we focused on AB patterns and ordinal position (1st-4th). We also focused on writing number 4. We created binoculars this week and learned about the setting of a story. Students used their binoculars to determine the setting and also used them outside to look for signs of fall. Students created leaf rubbings of various shapes & sizes of leaves this week and practiced writing numbers in shaving cream. We reviewed previous Bible stories we have learned and introduced the story of Moses this week. We focused on his being put in a basket in the Nile and also how God used him as an adult and His faithfulness in parting the Red Sea.  


Lower School P.E. (Mrs. Bennington)

K – 4th
  • Students did a great job in P.E. this week preparing for the Greek Olympics. All grade levels worked on pacing and increasing their endurance to most effectively run the marathon. 

Lower School Music (Mrs. Bennington)

  • Students did a great job this week working on the following songs: “I Need Thee Every Hour”, Trust and Obey”, and “Tis So Sweet”.  Students are making big strides in correctly matching pitches and confidence while singing. 
  • Students worked on recorder songs that reinforced their ability to correctly read and play songs with the notes: G, A, and B. Students will have a playing test on the piece, “Lullaby”, next Thursday, October 26th. Students have been encouraged to take their recorders home and practice their music three to four  times a week. 

Lower School Art (Mrs. Palmer)

  • This week we wrapped up our grayscale sphere drawings.  Students worked hard using blending and values to create a three dimensional shape that is grounded.  Proud of their hard work on this project!
  • This week students learned about our artist of the quarter, Rembrandt Van Rijn.  Learning about the artist of the quarter is always a favorite lesson each quarter.  Ask your student what they learned about Rembrandt this week!

Kindergarten (Mrs. Rivera and Miss Burdeshaw)

This Week: 
  • Our young scholars were so excited to be back in class. They enjoyed sharing their adventures and travels with their classmates.  We learned how to add one to a number, sorting items to create a graph, weighing objects using nonstandard units, and identifying morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Our students also completed their first fact test on the doubles with sums to 18. In history, we followed the story of Moses floating down the Nile in a basket to the parting of the Red Sea. In art, we constructed a model of a tree to correspond with our science unit on understanding the parts of a tree.
Memory Work: 
  • Psalm 75:1 and review

1st Grade (Mrs. Morgan & Mrs. Smith)

This Week: 
  • We have gone full steam ahead with the start of quarter 2. The students learned about creating and reading a bar graph, tallying/counting by 5’s, identifying horizontal, vertical, and oblique lines, dividing a whole into halves, fourths, and eighths, using fraction notation, addition facts (sums of 10),  weighing objects using nonstandard units, and finally, comparing and ordering objects by weight. The students started their art projects that will be displayed during Bradford Night. We have been working hard on our songs for Bradford night. We have begun preparing for the Greek Olympics and the students are very excited. On Wednesday we had a special time of learning about the American flag from veterans. We are deep into the study of Christopher Columbus in History. Students are still learning more and more about common nouns and proper nouns using the categories of living things and family relationships as well as memorizing their address. Students have learned all the uppercase cursive letter formation and are working towards word size fitting the space they are writing in. Buckle up, quarter 2 will speed by!
Memory Work:  
  • Proverbs 2:6-7
  • Greek Olympics October 27th (volunteers needed)
  • Information about state projects coming soon.


2nd Grade (Mrs. Hedgecock & Mrs. Eng)

This Week: 
  • After a week of family adventures over fall break, it is nice to be back in class to share adventures with our classmates.  In history we have started learning about Abraham. We have followed his travels on a map and learned how he trusted God to leave his home and journey to an unknown land.  We can learn much from his faith in God.  In reading we have started The Boxcar Children, Book 1.  To help us understand more about trains and boxcars we enjoyed visiting The Mebane Train Display.  WOW – what an amazing place!  Our creation adventure continues as we learn about plants created on Day 3.  This week we planted seeds and over the coming weeks we will measure to see how tall they grow and learn about God’s design for plants.  
Memory Work: We continue in the Hall of Heroes in Hebrews 11.  This week we memorize the verses about Abraham’s faith in verses 8 to 10.


3rd Grade (Mrs. McDorman and Mrs. Meredith)

This Week
  • We have enjoyed our first week back! Genesis 8:22, tells us that “as long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” We enjoyed the changes in weather and as well as embarking on a new journey this quarter! Students began reading D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths to help aid us in our understanding of ancient Greek culture. The Greeks used stories of gods to explain the world around them. Encourage your students to begin brainstorming for their upcoming Greek god projects, which will be due November 13th. In math, we conducted  surveys, multiplied by 10, 100, 1,000, and traveled through time as they identified the different time zones in the United States. Your students wrote  fables using strong verbs, quality adjectives, and -ly words.  It is our hope that they enjoy the writing process! It was a busy first week back!
Memory Work:
  • Matthew 6:26-27
  • 10/23 -24 Greek Armor (building in class)
  • 10/27 DUE: Greek god materials list 
  • 11/13 DUE: Greek god project


4th Grade (Mrs. Burtram and Miss Abrahamsen) 

This Week
  • Poetry has been a main focus during this first week back after break; students are enjoying learning about and writing different kinds of poetry in all different subjects. Each student also chose a poem that they are working on and will present at the end of next week. In Math, we continue to review important foundational concepts and vocabulary as we prepare to move onto more challenging material over the next few months. History brought us to a discussion of the idea that not everything that is called “Christianity” actually is; we need to be discerning about these important things!
  • Upcoming Memory Work: Psalm 23: 1-3




Mrs. Bennington

5th-6th Band
  • We started the week off discussing the meaning of “Effective Practice” and outlining a practice guide to accomplish that goal.  We discussed and practiced  how to establish effective  practice  routines and habits. Students should always start with a warm-up (scale, long tones, lip slurs), then work on music from class so that they can target problem areas, and  then close with something fun to keep them motivated to play. We discussed what problem areas could be (pitches, notes, rhythms, dynamics, tone quality, breathing, etc. )  and the best way to improve those areas in our playing (start slow and then speed up, break into chunks, etc. ).  Students were given their first practice record for the quarter and are expected to practice 90 minutes a week. Practice Records will be due every Tuesday. Students worked on exercises that included their first five notes and will have a test on 1.29 on Thursday, October 26th. 
7th-9th Band 
  • We started the week off discussing the meaning of “Effective Practice” and outlining a practice guide to accomplish that goal.  We discussed and practiced  how to establish effective  practice  routines and habits. Students should always start with a warm-up (scale, long tones, lip slurs), then work on music from class so that they can target problem areas, and  then close with something fun to keep them motivated to play. We discussed what problem areas could be (pitches, notes, rhythms, dynamics, tone quality, breathing, etc. )  and the best way to improve those areas in our playing (start slow and then speed up, break into chunks, etc. ).  Students were given their first practice record for the quarter and are expected to practice 90 minutes a week. Practice Records will be due every Tuesday. Students worked on exercises from Unit 4, their Bb scale, and their Eb scale. Students will have a test on their Eb scale on Thursday, October 26th. 

Mrs. Campbell

5th-8th Chorus
  • The middle school chorus students engaged in thoughtful discussion concerning a Charles Spurgeon quote that gets to the heart of who and what we worship.  These occasional times of discussion at the beginning of class have proven to be deep and unifying as we then move into the mechanics of singing.  This week we dove into more basic theory, reviewing key signatures and understanding ledger lines.  We continued working on a section of music and made good progress!

Mr. Webster

5th-8th Boys’ PE
  • This week we did some strength training, ran a mile, and played soccer. 

Miss Stevenson

5th-8th Girls’ PE
  • This week we worked on improving our flag football game!


5th Grade (Mrs. Owens) 

This Week
  • This week the students have jumped back into good rhythms and routines.  In Math the students have learned how to find the area of a rectangle, write in expanded notation, and continued to work on elapsed time word problems.  In Grammar we focused on capitalization and punctuation rules and the students now have two references to use to check their writing assignments.  We started our new literature book, Voyage to Freedom, which coincides with the time period we are studying in History.  The students are getting a glimpse into exactly what the Pilgrims meant by trusting in the sovereignty of God as they begin to make their way across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower.  This quarter we will begin to study Chemistry and this week we set the groundwork of “what is matter?”    
Memory Work:
  • Romans 12:20-21 (this week)
  • Psalm 50:10-12 (next week)
  • Hobbit Day – Thursday, November 9th 

Mrs. Palmer

5th Art
  • This week students learned about our artist of the quarter, Rembrandt Van Rijn.  Learning about the artist of the quarter is alway a favorite lesson each quarter.  Ask your student what they learned about Rembrandt this week!
Mrs. Kromhout
5th Latin
  • Fifth grade spent their week reviewing all the vocabulary learned so far this year and then taking a quiz covering a smattering of these words! They did a great job reviewing and putting the words into their long term memory. 


6th Grade (Miss Stevenson)

6th Reading and Literature
  • We started reading Across Five Aprils this week. This book opens up many good opportunities to discuss a few of the major battles that occurred during the Civil War.
6th Grammar and Writing
  • This week we started working on our first research paper! A few of the skills we will be working on for this assignment include MLA citation, proper research methods, and how to write an annotated bibliography. The final draft will be due on Wednesday, November 15.
6th Bible
  • We continue to work on the gospel of Matthew this week.
6th History
  • This week we talked about the 1849 Gold Rush. A big thanks to Coach Johnston who gave us a brief lecture on the Mexican/American War on Wednesday!
6th Science
  • Second quarter we will be learning about bacteria and viruses. This week we discussed the criteria for life and started to take a closer look at the Kingdom Monera.
6th Logic
  • We had our first Logic test this week on the fallacies dealing with avoiding the question. 

Mr. Hunter

6th Latin
  • This week the students resumed their study of prepositions and began learning a method for approaching Latin translation. They were also introduced to a new Latin historian, Sallust. 

Mrs. Frueh

6th Math
  • We started the second quarter with a review of fractions and decimals. While our study of fractions has been helpful in practicing measurement in the U.S. customary measurement system (inches, feet, yards), our study of decimals led perfectly into an introduction of the metric system. We learned about the history of the metric system and the possible historical reasons that America remains one of only three countries that has not switched to this system.  We used our Greek and Latin language skills to learn the meaning of the metric prefixes.  We ended the week with a cumulative test.

Mrs. Palmer 

6th Art
  • This week students learned about our artist of the quarter, Rembrandt Van Rijn.  Learning about the artist of the quarter is always a favorite lesson each quarter.  Ask your student what they learned about Rembrandt this week!

Mrs. Crotts

7th Grammar and Writing
  • The class received a list of vocabulary terms associated with The Lost Tools of Learning.  They will have a quiz the following week. Students received a notebook to catalog grammar notes and resources.  
7th Omnibus
  • Literature: The Odyssey play practice continues.  Students are focusing on dynamics and emotion.  We also began an overview of Til We Have Faces, by C.S. Lewis.
  • History: We are beginning a research paper on C.S. Lewis–his life and his love of ancient mythology.
  • Bible/Theology:  We focused on the sub-covenant, the Noahic Covenant, after discussing the Covenant of Works and Covenant of Life.  We will read passages from Genesis and the book of Joshua in the next week.

Mr. Johnston

7th Logic
  • We wrapped up our look at Ad Fontem fallacies this week with tu quoque and the genetic fallacy.  Their homework assignment, as always, is to look for examples in everyday life.  We will review on Tuesday and have a chapter test next Thursday.

Mrs. Frueh

7th Science
  • The students have started work on their first formal lab report. This formal report marks the culmination of our soil lab investigation. Ask your student what makes a science lab report different from the writing that they do in literature or history class. 
7th Pre-Algebra
  • The students were introduced to the additive and subtractive properties of equality this week. These properties of equality are the tools needed to solve for unknown values in algebraic equations. Soon enough, they will learn the multiplicative and division properties of equality and will be able to solve for an unknown in any linear algebraic equation. We ended the week with a test.

Mrs. Palmer 

7th Art
  • This week students learned about our artist of the quarter, Rembrandt Van Rijn.  Learning about the artist of the quarter is always a favorite lesson each quarter.  Ask your student what they learned about Rembrandt this week!

Mr. Hunter

7th Latin
  • This week the students continued their study of the perfect system and prepared for their “matrix” quiz next week. They also learned about the historiography of Sallust. 


Mrs. Kromhout

8th Omnibus
  • History: We finished learning about Justinian and the feats of the Byzantine empire under his reign, and then turned our attention to the early church and its developments; we studied monks and monasticism, a few of the early church fathers, and the growth of the power of the popes. 
  • Literature: We are beginning the Rule of St. Benedict this week, learning from the wisdom of Benedict in his spiritual and practical guidance for his little community of monks. I am encouraging the students to not just learn from the history of this little book, but also to look for ways the rule could apply to our own lives and communities. 
  • Composition: Students are fully diving into their latest essay, a persuasive essay about a topic from Augustine’s life. This week they wrote the introduction and first two body paragraphs.

Mr. Hunter

8th Latin
  • This week the students continued their study of the perfect system and the “matrix.” They also learned about the Roman historian Sallust. 

Mrs. Frueh

8th Science
  • We started our unit on Newtonian physics by watching a documentary on the life of Isaac Newton, arguably one of the most influential physicists in all of history. We learned of Newton’s worship and reverence for the omnipotent, omniscient, and divine Creator of the universe. We also learned of his lifelong study of theology and how his belief in a perfect Creator influenced his scientific discoveries. 
8th Algebra I
  • The students were introduced this week to inequalities and rational expressions. They are now applying the skills they mastered in the first quarter (factoring, distribution, exponent rules) to simplify more complex expressions.

Mrs. Palmer 

8th Art
  • This week students learned about our artist of the quarter, Rembrandt Van Rijn.  Learning about the artist of the quarter is always a favorite lesson each quarter.  Ask your student what they learned about Rembrandt this week!

Mr. Crotts

8th Logic
  • Your students are learning how to distinguish between statements that are independent (no other information is needed) and supported (outside information is needed).




  • We have a Thales College rep visiting on November 2nd from 2:15-2:45, which happens to also be Parents’ Day – parents, you are welcome to join! Thales offers a unique program, focusing on making their liberal arts education both affordable and practical in part through co-ops and internships for each program. They currently offer programs in entrepreneurial business, mechanical engineering, and classical education. 
  • Juniors took the PSAT on Thursday! They should get their scores back in early to mid November; once they get their scores back, they can work to improve their scores as needed for their target schools and scholarships. 
  • I recommend they take both the ACT and the SAT early in their junior spring, decide which test they prefer, and then focus on improving their scores on that test and taking it again before the end of junior year. That will set them up well for senior year applications in the fall! 
  • Seniors should keep a close eye on upcoming deadlines! Many colleges have priority and scholarship deadlines of November 1st. Pray for our seniors as they work through this busy season!


Mrs. Palmer 

9th Spanish 
  • Students took their second chapter test this week.  We also added  new vocabulary and reviewed past verbs/verb conjugations. 

Coach Johnston

9th History
  • Students finished their overview of the Seven Years War (Europe) and the French & Indian War (North America). Next week we will begin to consider how these events directly contributed to the causes of the American Revolution. You should ask your students about general causes, immediate causes, proxy wars, amphibious assaults, the prodigy Wolfe, and warfare during the late 18th-century.

Mrs. Frueh

9th Geometry
  • We used our proof writing skills this week to prove two more theorems for our resource journals: The Triangle Sum Theorem and the Triangle Exterior Angle Theorem. We also reviewed how to construct lines on the coordinate plane using slope-intercept form (y = mx + b).

Mr. Crotts

9th Logic
  • We have learned a short-cut for determining the validity of long and complex arguments. It requires us to think through the rules and concepts we’ve learned this year. And it saves time and ink!

Mrs. Fairchild

9th Advanced Art
  • On Tuesday we spent the majority of class defining what it is to be a human being which led into another debate and discussion on art. They are still working through what is art and defining good art and bad art. Thursday’s class was wonderful! We spent about 2 hours enjoying and studying Rembrandt’s painting The Miracle on the Sea of Galilee. It is a stunning piece of art filled with symbolism and well worth the two hours spent on it. If you are unfamiliar with this painting you should certainly ask your 9th grader why this painting is so important.  YouTube videos and TikTok are not able to compete with the depth of Rembrandt and his ability to draw the viewer into a deeper contemplation of truth.

Mrs. Hicks

9th Biology
  • This week we started Module 4 about Kingdom Fungi. Next Tuesday students have been asked to bring in a fungus from their yard, pantry, etc. 

Mrs. Crotts

9th Literature
  • 9th grade began diving into the world of Mary Shelley and her Frankenstein–a world following the French Revolution, the Enlightenment and the beginning of Romanticism.

Dr. Byrd

9th-10th Bible Survey
  • This week we have been studying the book of I Samuel. We have examined the lives of Samuel, Saul, Jonathan, and David. The life of David points us to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have seen many important lessons that we can apply to our lives. 
  • There is no memory verse this week. 


Dr. James

10th Chemistry
  • This week the students began learning some of the information about elements that can be gleaned from the periodic table, including relative trends such as ionization energy, atomic radii, electron affinity, and electronegativity.
  • Next week we will discuss properties of different families of elements.

Mrs. Palmer 

10th Spanish
  • Students worked on new vocabulary, verb conjugations of irregular -IR verbs in preterite tense and we worked on some sentence translations.  

Mrs. Byrd

10th Algebra II
  • Topics for the week include simplifying rational expressions, uniform motion problems, and writing equations for perpendicular lines.

Mrs. Crotts

10th Literature
  • Students continued to read the Iliad and also each student gave a character sketch on one character highlighting the character’s importance to the epic poem.  They will have a quiz on themes and symbolism as well as an essay soon. 

Miss Oldham

10th Rhetoric I
  • Students are getting back into the swing of things. We’re going to spend time in class with our Declamation speeches in preparation for the class competition on November 9th. 

Coach Johnston

10th History
  • Students have taken a rather quick, but very detailed look at the Kingdom of Israel (Saul, David & Solomon) and then very quickly summarized the divided kingdom era of Israel (10 Northern tribes) and Judea (2 Southern tribes). We particularly focused on the accomplishments, sins and evidence of redemption in David  and Solomon’s life this week.
10th PE
  • Students enjoyed another week of excellent weather and began a new unit on flag football. Many passes have been caught, some have been dropped. Many punts have been attempted. We are learning the timing and terminology of football routes and learning how to include everyone in the games. It’s been a joy to teach them and see them enjoy the physical activity and fun of football.

Mrs. Byrd

11th Precalculus
  • We have been working on techniques for finding real zeros of polynomial functions and the added challenge of locating imaginary zeros that exist in a third dimension but can’t be seen on our calculator screen.
11th Physics
  • Learning to analyze two dimensional motion has been our main topic for the week.  This involves considering each dimension separately.  We will launch some projectiles (compressed air rockets) next week and analyze their motion using techniques we’ve learned.

Miss Oldham

11th Literature
  • Students began their Shakespeare unit with Othello

Mr. Webster

11th History
  • This week we began our new unit by covering the beginning stages of the Holy Roman Empire. The students will have a reading quiz on Friday.  

Mr. Hunter

11th NT Greek
  • This week the students gained a better understanding of the Greek verbal system, especially the present and future active indicative. They also learned about two Greek historians, Herodotus and Thucydides. 

Mrs. Fairchild

11th Elective: Portfolio
  • We are now switching gears and moving into block printing.  The students are tasked with creating a design that includes flora and fauna.  Once their design is approved they will begin the next phase of the printing process.


Coach Johnston

11th-12th Elective: Military History
  • Students have begun to focus on America’s active role following Pearl Harbor. This past week, we finished our study of the Battle of the Atlantic and began to read and discuss the battle for control of the air in the European Campaign (US 8th Army Air Group). We considered: costs, lessons learned, successes and whether to assess these things as effective or not.

Mrs. Palmer

11th-12th Elective: Spanish 3 / ESL
  • We reviewed preterite and imperfect verb tenses, reviewed past vocabulary and continued on with the subjunctive tense this week. 

Dr. Smith

11th-12th Apologetics & Philosophy
  • We continue exploring and explaining how the explanation of the gospel is part of the gospel by looking at the authority that Jesus gave to his apostles. In turn, we are seeing how all this points to how the gospel is organically united to the organized church and those men God ordained to lead her. Students have also recently selected a book to read and to review that addresses some aspect of the gospel and is thereby relevant for apologetics. 

Coach Johnston

12th History
  • Students finished their quick overview of the political revolution in England during the 17th century. England would reject absolutist monarchy in favor of a limited monarchy with power primarily residing in parliament. Despite this time of significant civil uproar and revolution, it was also a time of religious clarity as both the Westminster Confession and London Baptist Confession were written during this era.

Miss Oldham

12th Literature
  • Students are continuing in the downward spiral of Hamlet’s madness. Currently I am upending their assumptions about the play, which always makes them squirm. 
12th Rhetoric II
  • Deadlines are coming! Rough drafts of the completed thesis is due November 17th! The seniors are moving at a fast pace and have just now realized how fast the year is moving. Please be in prayer as the seniors’ stress is increasing and time management is not as tight as it ought to be. 

Mrs. Byrd

12th Calculus
  • Calculus students are learning some more complex differentiation techniques this week – chain rule for composite functions, implicit differentiation, and differentiating inverse functions.

Mrs. Hicks

12th Anatomy
  • This week we wrapped up the Gastrointestinal System by making “waste.” We also started studying the Urinary System.