BB 08-13-2021



AUGUST 13, 2021


We have had a fantastic start to the school year!  Seeing the children filling the halls with all of their joy and energy has been a real blessing.  

Traffic at Main Campus: 

Please be assured that we are monitoring the situation for both morning drop off and afternoon dismissal.  We will make adjustments as needed.

A few tips to make DROP OFF as smooth as possible:
  • Water bottles, lunches, snacks, masks should be in backpacks and ready for the student to grab and go.
  • Hugs and kisses should be done by the time staff opens the car door.
  • Kids should be unbuckled and ready to jump out.  
A few tips to make PICK UP as smooth as possible:
  • Yellow car tags should be hanging from the visor not laying flat on the dashboard.  The sun reflecting off the windshield makes it difficult to see both the driver’s face and anything that is laying flat.  
  • For students who need assistance in buckling car seats, parents will need to pull up and off to the side.  This will keep the cars moving through the line.  We recommend teaching your child both how to unbuckle and buckle themselves to simplify the process for everyone.

Water bottles: 

All students should have a water bottle as we are not allowing them to drink straight from the water fountains.

School directory: 

Do you want to line up a playdate for your child?  The best way to find an email address for the parent of a classmate is to view our school directory on EDUCATE.  Sixty families have approved contact information to be included in the school directory.  This is great!, but we have many more families so we would like to get everyone on board.  You can choose how much or how little you want to share (email, phone number, address).  

To view the directory:  Sign into your EDUCATE account, choose SCHOOL from the top tab, click on DIRECTORY.  You will then see all of the families who have shared their information.  To view students in your child’s grade, you can click on “GRADE” from the top right menu.   (Please note that the “Class” drop down menu does not appear to be working at the moment.)

FOR ATHLETES (6th – 12th)

Sports physicals are REQUIRED in order to compete.  If your child has not completed the physical or the other paperwork, please take care of this ASAP.  We are so thankful to Dr. and Mrs. Williams for their generosity in hosting a day to get physicals completed.  If you were not able to make that day, please do not ask them to do it now.  You will need to go to a place like EmergOrtho or your own physician.  (EmergOrtho did not require appointments in past years and only charged $25, but you should call and ask the process for this year.)  



  • Tuesday, 8/17
    • First day of TK!
    • Games:  volleyball and soccer at Crossroads Christian School


  • Monday, 9/6:  Labor Day – no school