BB 05-13-2022



MAY 13, 2022




Used Uniform donations are being accepted.  Within the next week, I will be sending a Sign Up Genius for reservations to shop.



  • Mon, 5/16 – Girls’ soccer practice 
  • Wed, 5/18 – Girls’ volleyball spring training 
  • Thurs, 5/19 – rising 6th – 8th grade:  Band interest meeting, 5:30 at Main Campus 


  • Week of May 23rd:  Standardized testing (1st – 7th grades), as well as Senior Theses
  • Wed, 5/25:  Kindergarten field trip to City Hall
  • Thurs, 5/26:  Last day of TK; Patriotic Program (3rd – 5th)
  • Mon, 5/30:  Memorial Day, no school
  • Wed, 6/1:  
    • Verse Bee (lower school)
    • Junior / Senior Gala
  • Thurs, 6/2:  Baccalaureate (upper school), 9am – parents invited!
  • Fri, 6/3:  Last day of school!  
    • Field day (lower school)
    • 7 pm  Graduation – Mark Walker, keynote speaker
  • Tues, 6/7 – Used Uniform sale






Transitional Kindergarten (Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Grubb)

  •   TK students learned about the writing of Revelation where John recorded the visions given to him by  God.  This book of the Bible gives Christians hope in the eternal things to come. 
Theme Adventure
  •  This week was Community Helper week in TK!  We had several fun visitors that came to school to share about their jobs.  
    • Monday we met Ms. Bryan, professional dog trainer, and her dog Coach.  They demonstrated field training.  Coach was fast and is an excellent retriever.  
    • Tuesday we met Junior Fireman, Luke Fairchild.  He is a junior here at Bradford Academy who spends his extra time serving our community as he trains to be a firefighter.  
    • Wednesday TK met Highway Patrolman, Brent Morgan.  Mr. Morgan is the husband to first grade teacher, Mrs. Tracy Morgan.  Mr. Morgan allowed the kids to explore his car!  Students learned many of the unique jobs Mr. Morgan uses to protect us on the road.  
    • Thursday TK students met Dr. Mark Quale.  Dr. Quale is a doctor in our community who has special training in the EMS services.  He takes care of people when they are having emergencies at the local hospital as well.  TK students were able to learn about his responsibilities within the hospital and also on rescue.  
    • We thank all of our volunteers and community helpers.  It is a blessing to  hear the kids dream of how they want to serve when they are older.  We are blessed with many wonderful families here at Bradford.  
  •  Students read books that were about community helpers.  They spent time illustrating and expressing ideas of what they want to be when they grow up. 
  • In the next few weeks we will complete our handwriting curriculum.  TK students will have achieved knowledge and skill to write uppercase and lowercase letters in D’Nealian font, preparing them to write cursive letters next year! 
  • This week TK students had reading buddies with first graders!  It is such a delight to see the first graders share their growing skills and love of reading with our emerging readers.
  • This week TK practiced graphing information on a pictograph 
  • TK practiced identifying the relationship between larger and smaller numbers.  We also practiced counting forward and backward on a number line.
  • Finally TK played Bingo with numbers 11-30.   

Lower School P.E. (Mr. Davis)

K – 5th
  • This week the students worked on stretching, jogging and playing kickball. 

Lower School Music (Mrs. Bennington)

  • This week in music, kindergarten, first, and second grade students reviewed  “Jesus Loves Me”, “Three Blind Mice”, and “Row Row Row Your Boat”.  Students learned “Father Abraham”.  Third, fourth, and fifth grade students continued to work on songs that will be used at the Patriotic Program.  Students are doing a great job in music. 

Kindergarten (Mrs. Lopes and Mrs. Rivera)

This Week
  • Community helper week is always a highlight of our year. On Monday, Ms. Bryan, a professional dog trainer, introduced our students to Coach. They saw him respond to various commands and run across the field to retrieve objects.  Coach was happy to give out many puppy kisses as the students got to pet him and thank him for coming to Bradford. On Tuesday, Luke Fairchild shared about the many responsibilities he has as a junior fireman. Mr. Fairchild stressed the importance of a fire safety plan should a fire break out in our homes. On Wednesday, Mr. Morgan explained to our students what he does as a highway patrol officer. A student asked what would happen if someone took his car and drove away. Mrs. Lopes sat in the patrol car to see if she could start it. We learned that the car would not start without activating a second step. On Thursday, Dr. Quale spoke about his responsibilities as an ER doctor. The Lord has gifted many people with special skills to keep us safe and protect us from danger. We are very thankful for each of our community helpers. Our students have enjoyed playing math review games and rereading books from previous quarters. 
Memory Work:
  • Please review all of our verses to prepare for the Bible Bee.


1st Grade (Mrs. Morgan & Mr. Law)

This Week
  •  Our great students have been forging ahead with more multiplication facts and we have even had an exciting “math experiment” dealing with the concept of probability. We put different colored tiles in paper bags and made guesses about which one would be picked next based on probability. Very fun! In reading, we have been looking at a book about the story of the Exodus called, “Quothe the Prophet”. To go along with that, we have listened to recordings of the old spiritual, “Let My People Go”. In history, we are learning about Buffalo Bill’s time in the Pony Express. What a dangerous job! Finally, in science, we are learning about different properties of light as part of our physics unit.
Memory Work:  
  • Review all memory verses for the upcoming Bible Bee!


2nd Grade (Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Batten)

This Week
  • What a quick short week! As we are rounding out the school year, second grade is still trucking along through our last little bit of curriculum. Students have done very well this week with all of their subjects, and they are working hard to prove that they are ready to move on to third grade! In math, we have been finishing out all of our multiplication facts, and students are being challenged to complete 100 facts at a time! In reading, we are about halfway through Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and students are doing very well with this novel! They have moved more toward independence and are working very hard to complete reading chapters and either questions or quizzes. In science this week, we spent some time looking at and investigating the rock cycle in more detail by having students form the three different stages of rocks using starbursts! This is such a fun and educational experience, so see if your child can tell you what we did for each stage! In history, we have jumped ahead about 600 years to learn about Alexander the Great and his conquest of Egypt. We spent some time at the beginning of the week looking at some Biblical and historical events that occurred before this card, so that students had a reference for what led to the capture of Egypt. 
Memory Work: 
  • Review all verses learned this year!
  • 5/13 – Teacher Workday
  • 5/18 – Math Fact Assessment
  • 5/19 – Math Fact Assessment
  • 5/19 – Math Written Assessment
  • 5/20 – Spelling Test M-5
  • 5/20 – Grammar Chapter 17 Assessment
  • 5/20 – Egypt Falls to Rome Test


3rd Grade (Mrs. McDorman and Mrs. Meredith)

This Week
  • We have finished another successful week of learning in third grade! In history, we made it to 286 A.D., the split of the Roman Empire by Diocletian. He had the wisdom to understand that ruling an empire that large required the need for clear communication, and since they lacked that he split the empire into two parts, East and West. However, Diocletion also refused to give God the glory and instead decided to establish himself as a god, requiring everyone to worship him. Since Christians refused to worship anyone but the one true God, this caused some of the worst persecution against them. Shortly after Diocletion, Constantine came to rule and ended the persecution of Christians with the Edict of Milan. In math, students continue to find square roots, divide money amounts, and add fractions with common denominators. We are almost finished with our Latin study and created several compound words using prepositions and verbs.  We are busy preparing for the Patriotic Programs coming up in just a few short weeks. I hope you will join us!
Memory Work:
  • Review All memory verses
  • May 26  Patriotic Program
  • May 24- 27 Testing Week


4th Grade (Mrs. Burtram) 

This Week
  • We had a wonderfully busy week in fourth grade!  Monday we learned all about The Council of Trent in history.  We are continuing to work on spelling rules in our spelling log.  We finished our final new learning chapter in Latin this week and plan to review vocabulary words for the next two weeks.   We are continuing to read King’s Shadow in literature and enjoying the twist of events and how the events align with our history study.  We finished the week with our ocean unit learning about sea turtles. 
Memory Work:
  • Psalm 39: 1-6
  • “O Captain, My Captain”
  • Psalm 33
  • Patriotic Program
  • Bible Bee


5th Grade (Mrs. Erdt) 

This Week
  • We’ve had a busy short week jumping into math review. We have gone back to a lot of the basics from this year and tapped into the memories of past lessons to solve problems that we haven’t seen in a while. In Latin we have another big chart with lots of complex vocabulary which will span the next two weeks. Students are continuing to impress with their translation skills.  We have been hard at work on our research papers. Students are learning to sift through information and take good notes. They are also learning what to do when you realize your topic is too narrow or broad.   We finished reading Johnny Tremain and finished the movie on Monday. You’ll be happy to know that the 5th grade class overwhelmingly enjoyed the book more than the movie.  Although, I don’t think any of them were complaining about watching a movie in class. 
Memory Work:
  • Proverbs 15:16-17  Better is a little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasure with trouble.   Better is a dinner of herbs, where love is, than a fatted calf with hatred.
  • Treasure Island book
  • Final history card- The Missouri Compromise




Mrs. Byrd

  • Besides taking a 2nd semester cumulative test this week, we are learning how electricity behaves in circuits.  We’ve built a few basic circuits which we will soon increase in complexity as (next week) we add parallel loops into a series circuit.  We’ll see what this does to the voltage, current, and resistance and why it is a desirable type of wiring.
  • We’ve begun learning how matrices work and how they can be used to solve systems of equations.
  • Students took their AP exam this week and are now enjoying a well-deserved break.

Dr. Byrd

10th Bible Survey
  • This week we are studying the book of Ephesians. The background to the book is in Acts 19 where Paul sees many turning from their wicked practices to follow whole-heartedly after the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul writes this epistle to them from a prison cell in Rome. We were challenged to take up the spiritual armor that the Lord has given us as we serve Him. 
  • We just finished our scripture memory: II Cor. 13:14.


Mr. Davis

6th -10th PE
  • This week the students worked on stretching, jogging and played kickball. 

Mrs. Fairchild

9th Grade Advanced Art
  • We spent some time evaluating the work of Makoto Fujimura, Thomas Kinkaide, Bob Ross and other artists.  The students enjoyed thinking about what role these artists had in the art world and what value, if any, they added to the art conversation.  Additionally, we had fun looking at some work by artists who creatively used cardboard, glass and other materials to make beautiful sculptures and works of art.


Mrs. Frueh

6th Grade Science:
  • Students are continuing to work hard on their Famous Scientist projects. Presentations will begin next Friday.
6th Grade Math:
  • We spent time this week learning about functions and where we see them in our everyday lives.
7th Grade Science:
  • Work is wrapping up on our Docendo discimus projects. Presentations will begin on Tuesday.
7th Grade Pre-Algebra:
  • Probability and geometry have been the topics covered this week. The students are working hard, motivated by the end of the book being in sight.
8th Grade Science: 
  • We have finished our studies of metals and have moved on to Metalloids.
8th Grade Algebra I: 
  • The students learned to calculate the volume and surface area of a sphere this week.
9th Grade Biology:
  • We have wrapped up our genetics unit. The students are hard at work on individual research projects on a topic of their choice.


Mr. Hamilton

9th Theology
  • We continued working on our confession projects this week.
9th Literature
  • We wrapped up The Great Gatsby and continued working on our academic papers.
9th History
  • This week we are learning about the period between the world wars.
10th Literature
  • We’ve finished our discussion of Meditations and are working on our academic papers.
10th History
  • After finishing up Livy, we are turning to Josephus.
11th Philosophy/Apologetics
  • This week we examined the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.


Mrs. Hamilton

Logic School Music
  • I am so proud of the Logic School students and the Bradford Chorale for doing an amazing job in the music performance this week! 
  • For the next several weeks, we will focus on music history, music theory review, and solo piano pieces. 
Music History Elective (Baroque to Modern)
  • Students continued working on their research papers. The resources we got from our UNC library trip are proving to be incredibly valuable in helping provide reasons and evidence for the students’ theses. 


Miss Howell

6th Language Arts
  • Fahrenheit 451 continues to pique students’ curiosity- this week we are beginning the second of three chapters while focusing on vocabulary and the question raised by Ezra: what’s so “dangerous” about books?
6th History
  • As we’ve reached the end of our card for the year, we’re going to spend a little more time on America’s recent history- the Cold War, the Vietnam War, Cuba, Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy Assassination, and a very brief overview of the advent of the internet, Silicone Valley, and the 2000-2010’s. This week during that overview students saw footage of the attack on 9/11- some for the first time. It was a sobering moment. 
7th Grade Omnibus
  • Students are memorizing the Davidic Covenant over the next week or two, and wrapping their discussion on Oedipus Rex. They’ve been exploring questions of fate, sovereignty, and the differences between mythological deities who trick and trap humans into committing the very evil they strove to avoid, and the God who is “the true light, who gives light to everyone” (John 1:9). The gods of the Greeks gave no instructions in righteousness or how they could be pleased, and they rarely and unpredictably showed any person grace or favor. Praise God that He is God! “For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (John 1:17). “The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love” (Psalm 145:8).
  • Students got their final essay back this week with my notes and suggestions for edits. The final draft is due 5/20. 
7th Logic
  • Our study of Churchill’s “On the Beaches” is under way, with special attention to the rhetorical devices that contribute to the effectiveness of that speech. Students will soon be writing their own examples of these devices. 
8th Logic
  • In addition to being a short week, Tuesday’s class was canceled in favor of the school recital. On Wednesday we will review for Quiz 14, and take that on Tuesday. After that comes review for the final!


Dr. James

10th Chemistry
  • This week we are discussing acids and bases, and the students brought liquids to class for us to measure the pH. 
  • Next week we will wrap up our study of acids and bases, and the students will take their test on this topic. 


Mr. Lopes

12th Systematic Theology
  • We close our year of systematics with a study on Christ’s Return. The final exam is Tuesday, May 17. 


Miss Oldham

12th Grade Literature
  • We have begun reading “The Importance of Being Earnest” to wrap up our senior year literature class. 
12th Grade History
  • We were helping to set up Bradford Games for Thursday. 
11th Grade Literature
  • We began to read Don Quixote
11th Grade History
  • We continued our discussion of the societal impacts of the Industrial Revolution. Students also have final projects that they are working on as well. 
10th Rhetoric I
  • Students have been researching for their final speeches due at the end of the month. 
12th Rhetoric II
  • We were helping to set up Bradford Games for Thursday. 


Mrs. Palmer 

6th Art
  • This week we did not meet due to chorus and Bradford games.  Next week we will plan to work on our oil pastel final drawings.
7th Art
  • This week we worked on our charcoal final drawings. 
8th Art
  • This week we did not get to meet due to Bradford games.  Next week we will continue working on our colored pencil final portraits.
9th Spanish 
  • This week we talked about the preterite of the verbs “ser” and “ir.”  We prepared some for our upcoming presentations.  Students received a study guide for their chapter 7 final tests.
10th Spanish
  • This week we worked on writing sentences in preparation for our Spanish final which includes a speaking portion.  Students also reviewed past  vocabulary.

Mr. Palmer

9th Geometry
  • This week we continued working with trigonometric ratios.
9th Logic
  • This week we continued using truth trees to test for validity.
10th Algebra II
  • This week we began our study of logarithms. 
11th / 12th NT Greek
  • This week we continued translating I John chapter 2.
11th/12th Geography
  • This week we took a map test on Oceania. 


Miss Windes
8th Grade Omnibus
  • History: In history this week, we continued learning about the years from 1000 to 1300, and especially learned about several of the kings and queens of England.
  • Literature: We continued reading the Canterbury tales, this week reading the Wife of Bath’s Tale and beginning the Clerk’s Tale.
  • Composition: The students brainstormed their thesis and wrote an outline for their literary analysis essays.
6th Grade Latin
  • Sixth graders reviewed for and took the chapter 11 test.
7th Grade Latin
  • Seventh graders did a translation activity to practice their Latin reading comprehension!
8th Grade Latin
  • Eighth graders reviewed for and took their chapter 27 Latin test.
6th Grade Logic
  • Sixth graders learned the snob appeal fallacy and began working on projects to present to the class to review all of the fallacies we have learned this year!