BB 04-14-23



APR 14, 2023



Summer camps:  Mark your calendar – more details coming soon!

  • Art Camp with Mrs. Fairchild – details coming soon
  • Week of 6/26:  
    • Soccer Camp: Rising K-8th grade students, 8:30am -12:45pm
    • Soccer Camp: Rising 7th-12th grade students, 6:00 – 8:00pm
  • Week of 7/10:  
    • Volleyball Camp: Rising 3rd-8th grade students, morning (times TBD)
    • Volleyball Camp: Rising 9th-12th grade students, EITHER mid-afternoon OR evening (TBD)
  • Week of 7/17:  Basketball Camp: Rising 3rd-8th grade students, morning (times TBD)




  • Mon, 4/17: Varsity Girls Soccer HOME game vs Lee Christian (3:30pm at the MACC)
  • Tues, 4/18:  CLT10 testing for 9th and 10th graders
  • Thurs, 4/20:  
    • 1st grade to Gold Park
    • 8th and 11th grades, 12th grade elective to Shakespeare Play
  • Fri, 4/21:  Quo Vadis?  (Event for rising 5th and 6th graders and their parents.)



  • 4/24 – 5/5:  Student Council Campaign
  • Wed, 4/26:  CLT testing for 11th and 12th graders
  • Fri, 4/28:  6th grade field trip to Appomattox
  • Week of May 1st:  Standardized testing for 1st – 7th graders
  • Thurs, 5/4:  National Day of Prayer service – upper school choir and chorale to sing
  • Fri, 5/5:
    • Presidential elections for upper school students
    • Teacher Appreciation Day
    • Career Day, 12:30 – 2:30, upper school
  • Tues, 5/9:  
    • Election of Student Council Offices
    • CLT8 testing for 8th graders
    • Sports Banquet (pm)
  • Thurs, 5/11:  Bradford games (upper school)
  • Fri, 5/12:   Teacher workday, no school
  • Thurs, 5/18:  
    • 9th grade field trip to NC Museum of Art
    • 12th grade field trip to ASU
  • Week of 5/15 and 5/22:  Senior Thesis presentations
  • Tues, 5/23:  Spring Concert and Art display (upper school)
  • Thurs, 5/25:  Last day of TK; Patriotic Program (3rd – 5th grades)
  • Mon, 5/29:  Memorial Day, no school
  • Wed, 5/31:  Verse Bee (lower school), Jr/Sr Gala (evening)
  • Thurs, 6/1:  Baccalaureate, upper school, 9a.m.
  • Fri, 6/2:  Last day of school – noon dismissal for all students, Graduation (7:00 pm)






Transitional Kindergarten (Mrs. Hicks and Mrs. Grubb)

We had a wonderful week in TK and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather all week long. Our theme this week was spring and gardening. Many lessons and activities were centered around this theme. We created mosaic flowers to display in the classroom and tasked students to bring a show & tell related to spring and gardening. Students practiced writing lowercase letters l, f, and h this week and reviewed the corresponding capitals. In math, students practiced ABC patterns and learned how to count by 5’s while being introduced to nickels. After celebrating Easter and learning of Jesus’s death and resurrection, we learned this week about Jesus’s Ascension to Heaven. 

Lower School P.E. (Mrs. Bennington)

K – 5th
  • This week students completed another tag game called, “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Students had a great time trying to flee from pirates and capture all of the  treasure.  Students are doing a much better job following instructions and games are becoming more fun as a result. Students are also starting to really value good sportsmanship and teamwork. We will continue to target these concepts for the rest of the year.

Lower School Music (Mrs. Bennington)

  • Kindergarten, First and Second grade students worked on the 1st and 4th verses of “My Country Tis of Thee”. We spent a lot of time singing the correct pitches, rhythms, and voice projection.  
  • Third grade  worked on  the piece, “Merrily We Roll Along”. Students will have a playing test this Thursday 4/20 on this piece. Students also worked  on singing the  first and fourth verses of, “My Country Tis Of Thee”. 
  • Students did a great job learning  and playing for a test the first phrase of, “My Country Tis of Thee” on their recorders. Students also worked on singing the first verse of “My Country Tis of Thee” and the first verse of “The Star Spangled Banner”.  


Lower School Art (Mrs. Palmer)

  • Students continued to work on their self-portraits inspired by Norman Rockwell.  We talked about proportion, positioning and accuracy.   Next week we will begin to add color. 
  • Students began work on their self-portraits inspired by Norman Rockwell.  We talked about proportion, positioning and accuracy.  
  • Students began work on their self-portraits inspired by Norman Rockwell.  We talked about proportion, positioning and accuracy.

Kindergarten (Miss Burdeshaw and Mrs. Rivera)

This Week:

Our kindergarten scholars came back engaged and ready to work after our Easter break! In math, we learned a few new concepts, which were adding three single digit numbers, the last odd-ball math facts, and a review of counting dimes, nickels, and pennies. In spelling and phonics, we are reviewing the same word list and the book, “Runs From Guns.” In science, we started our new unit of the human body, which will be combined with our art time. 

Memory Work:

Matthew 6:9-13 and review all verses!


1st Grade (Mrs. Morgan & Mrs. Smith)

This Week:

We are coming back strong after our 4 day weekend celebrating the resurrection of Jesus! In math we are finding perimeters, subtracting 9 facts, writing observations from a graph, identifying activities that take one hour, one minute, one second, as well as telling and showing time to the minute. In reading, we are continuing with Howard Saves A Hound. For history we are learning about the writing of our Constitution. In Science we are studying the layers of Earth.

Memory Work: 

2nd Corinthians 9:6-7


Audubon Field Trip to Gold Park Thursday, April 20th

2nd Grade (Mrs. Hedgecock & Mrs. Eng)

This Week:  Although it was only a four-day week, we managed to cover a lot of ground. In math, we have worked hard to master dividing by 3 and 4; writing division sentences for story problems; multiplying multiples of tens, hundreds, and thousands; and …  We are enjoying our new science and art studies; ask your children what they learned about sight and drawing self-portraits this week. In grammar, we have continued working on capitalization and punctuation rules, as well as possessive pronouns. The students are really enjoying Owls in the Family, and they are continuing to practice their independent reading and comprehension/composition skills as they read The Curse of King Tut’s Mummy, which ties in very well with this week’s  history card on King Tutankhamun . 

Memory Work: 
  • Hebrews 11: 30-31 (this week)
  • Hebrews 11; 32-35 (next week)


  • Egyptian Project due May 4, 2023


3rd Grade (Mrs. McDorman and Mrs. Meredith)

This Week 
  • Students are busily practicing how to use the techniques we have taught them over the last year to better understand the world around them. Our God is a God of order, and we have been looking for consistent patterns in math, nature, language, and literature. Finding the patterns help us to better understand how we should interact with God’s magnificent creation. We discovered the patterns in numbers, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Latin endings, and sentence syntax. We can also see how God’s people had a pattern of turning from God, facing his wrath, repenting from their sins, and being restored in their relationship with Him. Even in art, we have discovered the pattern of proportions as students practiced drawing self-portraits using the techniques they have studied so far. As we discover the patterns around us, it helps to see the beauty in God’s amazing creation. 


4th Grade (Mrs. Burtram and Mrs. Lawson) 

This Week
  •  We had a wonderful four day week!  We learned how to multiply and divide fractions and practiced reducing to lowest terms.  We enjoyed  learning about the library in English, practiced sentence patterns in Latin and finished our IEW publication.  In Science we fully enjoyed making a crossbow and shot our own targets to test for accuracy.  We ended the week learning about The Act of Supremacy . 


5th Grade (Mrs. Owens) 

This Week

Another four day week has quickly come to an end.  This week in Grammar the students learned how to write a thank you note and an invitation.  In both lessons the students wrote a note and an invitation to another student in class to practice what they learned.  We are also beginning to use our reference books on our historical figure to take notes that we will eventually use in our research paper.  We are continuing to make our way through Treasure Island and we are finding out that Long John Silver might not be the honest, helpful sailor he has presented himself as.  We have spent quite a bit of time in History looking at the Revolutionary War and now we have begun to see how our country expanded to the West with the Louisiana Purchase.  Ask your student to see if they can recall how much we purchased this land for.      

Memory Work:

  • 1 Samuel 2:3-4 (this week)
  • 1 Samuel 2:5-6 (next week)

Quo Vadis – Friday, April 21st




Mrs. Bennington

6th-8th Band
  • Students spent a lot of time this week learning new notes, learning how to count and play dotted rhythms, how to count and play eighth note rhythms, how to apply key signatures to music, and how to correctly play dynamic contracts in regards to crescendos and decrescendos. Students also started working on “Non Nobis”. 


Mrs. Sarah Johnston

6th-8th Choir

We had some great rehearsals this week. We tested our memory skills and found that all concert pieces are 90% memorized! Thursday we took rehearsal to the stairwell and had the delightful experience of being able to more clearly hear one another and work towards blending together. We will be starting some new music in the next week to perform for the National Day of Prayer as well as Graduation.

Mr. Davis

6th -8th Boys’ PE
  • This week the students played a running game called pumpkin patch. 

Miss Stevenson

6th-8th Girls’ PE
  • In PE this week we played Pumpkin Patch with the boys. 
6th Reading and Literature
  • This week we continued reading through Around the World in 80 Days.
6th Grammar and Writing
  • We started discussing apostrophe rules this week. As a reminder, their 4-page fictional story is due on Thursday, April 27.
6th Bible
  • We started reading through the book of the Revelation this week. 
6th History
  • We are continuing to watch a documentary on the Dust Bowl this week.
6th Science
  • The fruit flies have arrived! We will be trying our best to successfully raise three generations of fruit flies to see if we can track dominant and recessive traits across the different generations. 
6th Logic
  • We took a break from Logic this week to focus on the fruit flies. 

Mrs. Frueh

6th Grade Math
  • This week we practiced solving percent of change problems. These are especially useful when calculating taxes, sale prices, discounts, retail mark-ups, or population growth. We also learned how to reverse the order of operations in order to solve two-step algebraic equations.

Mrs. Palmer 

6th Art
  • Last week students went outside for “en plein air” drawing in which they observed and drew nature around them. This week students took those sketches and used mixed media in complementary colors to create a final drawing. 

Miss Windes

6th Grade Latin
  • Sixth graders reviewed for and took their test covering the perfect tense, second conjugation verbs, and translating sentences.

Mrs. Crotts

7th Grammar and Writing
  • Students wrote in their daily journals about various topics and were required not to get sloppy–include a thesis statement, proofs & conclusion; topics included “The importance of shoes” & “How does Christianity differ from other religions?”  Great discussions followed!
7th Grade Omnibus
  • The class reviewed notes taken prior to Easter Break in preparation for quiz 1 on the final book of the New Testament in the Bible, Revelation.  We began reading Dr. R.C. Sproul’s book, Holiness of God.  The students did well responding to questions concluding each chapter.  Reading is to be completed by Friday, April 21.  The students conclusively shared that this book is easier to understand than Chosen by God which we read in the Fall, also by Dr. Sproul.  We will focus on maps  from ancient history for Egypt, Greece, & Rome in the weeks to come and also discuss how boundaries and natural resources played key roles in wars and politics.
7th Logic
  • Students are prepping to identify school election advertisements (posters) and decipher if fellow classmate politicians use logical fallacies or not.  We played 4 corners logic vocabulary review game outside also!

Mrs. Frueh

7th Grade Science
  • This week we learned how the tilt of earth’s axis as it revolves around the sun causes opposite seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. Your student should be able to explain the difference between the summer and winter solstice as well as the vernal and autumnal equinox.
7th Grade Pre-Algebra
  • The students were introduced to the distributive property and learned how to use it to simplify algebraic expressions. We also reviewed triangle geometry and evaluating exponential expressions.

Mrs. Palmer 

7th Art
  • Students have wrapped up or nearly wrapped up their charcoal eye small studies.  We have begun to use charcoal to create a drawing of Norman Rockwell.  This drawing will focus on grayscale, various charcoal techniques and accuracy.

Miss Windes

7th Grade Latin
  • Seventh graders are learning new dative case constructions – special intransitives and dative with adjectives. They are also working on a new set of vocabulary! 

Miss Windes

8th Grade Omnibus
  • History: In history this week we learned about the growth of papal power in the middle ages as well as some reforms to the monastic system and the investiture controversy. We also began learning about the black death and its effects on Europe.
  • Literature: We continue reading Macbeth, moving more deeply into the sinister thoughts and ambitions of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.
  • Composition: Students continue working on the second draft of their research papers; I am giving them significant time and expecting significant improvements in their papers!!
8th Grade Latin
  • Eighth graders are continuing to practice positive, comparative, and superlative adjectives as well as doing some fun translations about a zombie apocalypse! A fun break from our normal historical translations. 

Mrs. Frueh

8th Grade Science
  • We are working our way through all the metal groups on the periodic table. This week, we studied the transition metals (found in the center of the periodic table) and the lanthanides and actinides (found below the periodic table).
8th Grade Algebra I
  • This week we practiced solving rational equations with a single unknown. However, we also practiced solving abstract rational equations for a designated variable. This is an especially useful skill in the sciences when you have multiple variables, but are trying to solve an equation for a particular unknown.

Mrs. Palmer 

8th Art
  • Students are working on a small scale eye study in colored pencil.  We have been working with color theory so students have been applying this as well as working with texture.  

Mr. Davis

8th Logic

This week the students took a quiz on lessons 27-29.




  • As a reminder, these are things that are helpful for juniors to be working on during the spring semester:
    • Take SAT/ACT and prepare to take again in the late summer
    • Continue researching and developing your list of colleges
    • Visit or make plans to visit any colleges that you have not yet visited
    • Plan for a meaningful use of your time over the summer – find a job, do an internship, decide on a few careers you would like to shadow, develop your interests and skills

Mrs. Palmer 

9th Spanish 
  • Students took a vocabulary quiz.  We have also been learning about the preterite tense and working with how/when to use it.  We continue to work with conjugations.  Students also have a cultural Spanish-speaking country project due by May 17th/19th.

Dr. James

9th Geometry
  • This week we reviewed for a test, and the students took the test on volume calculations.
  • Next week we will begin our next section regarding scaling objects of similar shape.

Mrs. Hicks

9th Biology
  • We covered some vertebrate animals this week. On Thursday, students worked in groups to build a zoo, which we will combine together on Tuesday!

Dr. Smith

9th Theology
  • We continue looking at theological developments during the Reformation. Students just completed a project in which they had to explain what they believe about the doctrines of sin and salvation.

Mrs. Crotts

9th Grade Literature
  • We ventured out to sea, so-to-speak, to peer into Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man & the Sea.  As they read, students are to prepare to write an in-class essay next week comparing the character, Santiago, with Christ.  Santiago is mortal, and prays only for his ends to be met, though he is persistent.  Christ firmly obeys His Father and sacrificially perseveres unto death and then is raised to life providing salvation.  Secondly, students will be asked to write about nobility–how this is presented in the book and if this is a correct presentation.

Coach Johnston

9th History
  • We completed our overview of WW1 and reviewed for a test at the beginning of next week.


Mrs. Byrd

10th Algebra II
  • Topics for this week include a review of all of the factoring patterns that we have learned this year, an introduction to logarithms, and quadratic inequalities.

Dr. Byrd

10th Bible Survey
  • We were blessed to study the books of John and Acts this week. We were reminded of how deep and yet how simple John is; and how critical the teachings of this book are to our faith. John presents to the reader the seven I ams; the seven discourses; and the seven signs. Luke in the book of Acts presents to us the gospel going to the nations in fulfillment of Acts 1:8. We praise the Lord that the gospel has come to us. 
  • Book Report due at the end of May. 
  • Bible memory: TBA

Mrs. Crotts

10th Grade Literature
  • We spent a brief time overviewing Ovid’s Metamorphoses & also Meditations.  Students wrote a daily journal entry on how a Proverbs Challenge! Also, we will begin reading 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea next week.  (Students graciously helped to begin sorting  books that were amiss from the school year after class–very helpful and dutiful organizers from braun to categorical contributions.)

Dr. James

10th Chemistry
  • This week we reviewed concepts of thermodynamics, and the students took their first test of Q4. 
  • Next week we will begin our discussion of kinetics. 

Coach Johnston

10th History
  • Students completed their reading of Livy’s War with Hannibal and continued to reflect on how the Roman Republic is shifting more and more towards an empire.
10th PE
  • The 10th grade enjoyed a beautiful week of weather to get outside and enjoy being active. On Tuesday, we played different versions of 4-square because several students were missing due to sickness. On Thursday the class returned to playing Ultimate Frisbee and students continue to learn both how to throw the disc more effectively and the important offensive and defensive movements involved in the game.

Miss Oldham

10th Rhetoric I
  • Students recited a memorized poem this week. They had a week to memorize it, along with at least three hour long study halls in class. Since this round of poetry recitations were not up to par, the students will be doing them again (due 4/25) with two guaranteed study halls to work on memorizing and delivering the poems. 

Mrs. Palmer 

10th Spanish
  • Students took a vocabulary quiz.  We have also been learning about the subjunctive mood and working with how/when to use it.  We continue to work with conjugations of the previous tenses we have learned.  Students also have a cultural brochure project due by May 17th/19th.

Mrs. Byrd

11th Physics
  •  We have been learning about the similarities and differences between  electrostatic force and electric field and worked several problems involving these concepts.
11th Precalculus
  • Students have persevered through doing matrix row reduction by hand and then learned  to do it much quicker using a calculator.  We’re also learning how to multiply matrices by hand and by calculator.  Our next topic will be calculating matrix determinants and learning various uses.

Dr. James

11th Geography
  • This week we continued with Europe, hearing a presentation on Romania and hearing some of Dr. James’s experiences while at university in Germany.  We also made our venture into the African continent, hearing a guest speaker teach us about South Africa. 
  • Next week the students will be tested on the physical features and countries of Africa, and a guest will teach the class about Cameroon. 

Miss Oldham

11th Grade Literature
  • Students presented their Le Morte d’Arthur projects and they knocked them out of the park! Very proud of the work they did. 

Dr. Smith

11th NT Greek
  • We continue working on identifying Aorist, Imperfect and Perfect verbs. The translations have become increasingly more difficult, but the students are responding well to the challenge.

Mr. Webster

11th Grade History
  • This week we have continued with our study of life in the Italian city-states during the Renaissance. We also covered the intellectual Renaissance in Italy through the emergence of humanism. 

Mrs. Byrd

12th Calculus
  • We’ve begun our final review before the AP exam in about 3 weeks.  Students are answering content questions in test style format.

Mrs. Hicks

12th Anatomy
  • We covered senses this week. We will complete a lab testing all the senses next week!
  • We also started studying The Integumentary System.

Coach Johnston

12th History
  • Students took their WW1 assessment at the beginning of the week and since then we have been learning about how the Roaring 20s got started and the stock market exploded in value. Next week we will continue that lesson with some practical games before starting to assess the market’s collapse and the reasons for the Great Depression.

Miss Oldham

12th Grade Literature
  • Students continued with To Kill a Mockingbird and will be reading the trial of Tom Robinson over the weekend. 
12th Grade Shakespeare Elective
  • We finished As You Like It and have begun my favorite Shakespeare play: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
12th Rhetoric II
  • I have been working through grading senior theses and the students have been preparing for their final defenses. All the other classes have been invited to watch as many of the defenses as their teachers will allow them.