BB 01-26-2024



Jan 26, 2024




  • House Day:  Mon, 1/29 – Earn a point for your house!  All students TK – 12th grade are invited to participate!  Let’s see who pulls out the win!  Austerfield?  Leiden?  Plymouth?  Scrooby?  
    • What:  This is a special day…students are allowed to wear their new house shirt, black athletic pants or Archer PE shorts to school!  Add your house scarf and (upper school) house socks too!
    • How to earn a point for your house:  Students may each earn 1 point by wearing their house shirt OR their house scarf.  Every single student has a way to earn a point!  
  • Parenting Conference:  A Pleasant Path for Families, 3/1 – 3/2:  Please see the email for more information!  REGISTER HERE.  We hope many of you can join us.
  • FROM MRS. MITCHELL:  100 days of school!  Kindergarten and 1st grade students enjoy many fun 100 day activities.  Our young scholars enjoy recalling (at least) 100 things that they’ve learned this year.  It doesn’t take long to come up with a list as Latin students memorize 240 new vocabulary words each year.  Dozens of new history facts presented each Monday are mastered, giving students dated “pegs” on which to attach corresponding historical literature characters or biographies, artists of the quarter or past discoveries in science.  Saxon math introduces a new concept every lesson and students spiral through these concepts to keep them fresh.  The joy of grammar learning comes from soaking  all these facts up in their minds like sponges.  Enjoy asking your students some of the facts they recalled.



  • Mon, 1/29: 
    • House Day!
    • HOME Varsity Basketball Games & Senior Night Celebration
      • Varsity Girls game (3:00pm)
      • Varsity Boys game (4:00pm)
      • Senior Night Celebration  immediately following the boys game
  • Wed, 1/31:  Preview Meeting for 10th grade students
  • Thurs, 2/1: 
    • Application for NC Opportunity Scholarship opens


  • Tues, 2/5:  CLT10 (Standardized Test) for 9th grade
  • Fri-Sun, 2/9-11: 20% OFF in-store Dicks Sporting Goods coupon
  • Thurs, 2/15:  
    • CLT (Standardized Test) for 11th grade
    • Deadline to notify the office in writing for students who will not return for 2024/2025 school year.  (Contract opt-out fee will be applied for notifications that come in after this date.)
  • Fri, 2/16:  Teacher workday (no school)
  • Mon, 2/19:  Presidents Day (no school)
  • Tues, 2/20:  Senior Thesis Pre-panels begin
  • Tues, 2/20: First Official day of spring season sports practices, anticipated sports include:
    • Varsity Girls Soccer (7-12 grade), option for 5-6th grade students to practice and manage
    • Varsity Boys Tennis (7-12 grade), interested 5-6th grade students could request a practice opportunity with the team
    • Varsity Boys Golf (7-12 grade)
  • Thurs, 2/29:  3rd – 4th grade, Bradford Night 2.0, 7pm
  • Fri, 3/1 – Sat, 3/2:  PARENTING CONFERENCE – at lower school campus – Register now!
  • Tues, 3/5: First Varsity Girls soccer game of the season (HOME)
  • Fri, 3/8: 
    • End of 3rd quarter – NOON DISMISSAL
    •  First Varsity Boys Tennis match & a varsity girls soccer game (AWAY)
  • Week of 3/11:  SPRING BREAK
  • Wed, 3/13 – Wed, 3/20:  SENIOR TRIP to Grand Canyon






Transitional Kindergarten (Mrs. Grubb and Mrs. Weber)

This Week
  • TK students had a wonderful week filled with many different activities. We were so happy to get outside more this week to enjoy the nice weather.  Our letter this week was B and we had many items brought in for show & tell. Some of our centers this week included creating tongue twisters, building letters with wood pieces, graphing various items, finding letters in books and distinguishing real from make believe. In math, we were able to set up a classroom store and practice paying for items using pennies. We also took off our shoes and graphed the different types and were introduced to cubes and dice. We read 2 Bible stories this week. We focused on prayer and how we should pray and also talked about Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. We continue to practice Proverbs 3:5-6 and are enjoying music time with Mrs. Bennington.


Lower School P.E. (Mrs. Bennington)

K – 4th
  • Students did a great job in P.E. this week playing “Capture the Flag” or “Mr. Wolf”. A lot of time was spent on following the rules so that we can have fun playing a game. Students are making a lot of improvements in the area of sportsmanship! 

Lower School Music (Mrs. Bennington)

  • Students worked on our first hymn for the third quarter, “How Great Thou Art.”  Students also worked on  the songs “The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock”, “I Love the Mountains”, and “She’ll be Coming Round the Mountains”. 
  • Fourth grade students worked on learning two new notes, “C” and F#”,  on their recorder so that they could learn how to play  the first two lines of “All Praise to Thee”. Students also worked on singing “How Great Thou Art”  and “All Praise to Thee”.  

Lower School Art (Mrs. Palmer)

  • This week students worked on their one point perspective drawings.  We talked about depth, horizon line, vanishing point, and how things appear larger the closer they are to you.  Students are doing well with this somewhat tricky drawing lesson!
  • This week students worked on their Thomas Cole inspired colored pencil landscapes.  We worked on blending, color mixing, color matching and imitating what we see in front of us.  I am excited to see these when they are finished. 

Kindergarten (Mrs. Rivera and Miss Burdeshaw)

This Week:

Our kindergartners had an exciting time observing pictures of the moon together, as we started a new section in science which discusses space and planets. In math, we learned about the doubles plus one facts and how to identify them. In phonics, we started a new spelling list with the number words “six through ten.” In history, we discussed Constantine the Great, who was an emperor of the Roman empire and who sought to stop the persecution of Christians. We also worked on completing our Mr. Gallon Man project from our section on measurement. On Thursday, we celebrated our 100 days of school by dressing up as cowboys and cowgirls and participating in fun “rodeo roundup” games.

Memory Work: 
  • Romans 11:33-36 and review

1st Grade (Mrs. Morgan & Mrs. Smith)

This Week:  

The highlight of the week was reaching the 100 day milestone. We celebrated by having “Rodeo Round-up” where the kids got to play games such as “Barn Yard Toss”, “Snake In My Boot”, a hat relay, and many more. They also had an opportunity to pet a real horse and sing songs around a pretend campfire. We had a lot of learning take place this week along with all the 100 day excitement. In math the students learned to identify a.m./p.m, noon/midnight, and dozen/half-dozen. They also began adding three two-digit number and reading a thermometer to the nearest 2 degrees fahrenheit. In reading, the students were cracking up laughing at Toad’s antics to try and think of a story to entertain his sick friend. We finished our book in history about the Pilgrims and have begun a new book that gives us a more in depth look at the life of Squanto. 

Memory Work:  
  • Review all the Bible verses we have learned so far.
  • House Shirt Day- MONDAY! 
  • Field Trip Thursday February 15th to The Museum of Life and Science in Durham! We need drivers and chaperones. More info coming soon.


2nd Grade (Mrs. Hedgecock & Mrs. Eng)

This Week: 
  • The students in 2nd grade have come so far this year!  Looking back at assignments we did at the beginning of the year the students marvel at how far they have come.  As teachers we are delighted to see their enthusiasm and delight in learning.  We have memorized many wonderful verses in Proverbs 25 and encourage the students to follow the instructions from Solomon. Some of the math concepts are challenging, but little by little the students will understand better.  Using pattern blocks to work with fractions has been fun, but the concept of fractions is just starting to develop. Telling time to the minute and knowing how many minutes to the next hour has also been a challenge for some students.  Step by step they will later marvel at how much they have learned.  The students look forward to seeing their classmates Stuart Little projects each day and as teachers we marvel at their creativity.  Our artists of the quarter (Poet Gerald Manley Hopkins, Composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Landscape Artist Thomas Cole) help us see and appreciate God’s beauty in the world around us.  
Memory Work: 
  • Proverbs 25: 17-18 this week then verses 19-20 next week


3rd Grade (Mrs. McDorman and Mrs. Meredith)

This Week
  • Daniel prophesied that the Israelites would one day be ruled by foreign leaders due to their disobedience and idolatry. One such man fulfilled this prophecy when he conquered many nations and most importantly, the Persian Empire. This week, students learned about the military genius of Alexander the Great. Under the instruction of Aristotle, Alexander became one of the greatest military and political leaders ever known.  Alexander desired to rule the entire world and went from nation-to-nation conquering all whom he encountered. Thus, earning the name “the Great.” His life, however, was cut short when he suddenly died at the age of 33. In the absence of a plan for succession, fighting erupted. Alexander’s vast empire disintegrated.  Alexander the Great successfully unified much of the known world creating a common language, Greek, and a shared culture. This unification helped spread the gospel throughout the known world. In math, we learned the difference between congruent and similar shapes, estimated the mass of various objects, and multiplied two-digit numbers by triple digits! Your child has been hard at work this week! 
Memory Work:
  • Psalm 19: 7-8
  • Lunar Calendar – Begins Thursday, 2/1 
  • House Shirt Day- Monday, 1/29
  • Planet Project –  Due 2/26


4th Grade (Mrs. Burtram and Miss Abrahamsen) 

This Week
  • We had a wonderful week working on our Burlington Writers Club stories.  The students had time in class to construct their draft and work with their peers in editing groups.  We are thrilled with all the wonderful imaginative stories.  The students also competed in our class Spelling Bee.  They all worked hard and displayed excellent character as they did their best and supported one another.  The school event took place at the upper campus, and it was an exciting trip for all our students.  We applied new vocabulary knowledge in Physics using Keva construction and will continue working with groups to create and design models, buildings, and mouse traps.  We had a wonderful review in English, learned about the number three in Latin with new vocabulary, and finished place value to the thousandths place in math changing a fraction to a decimal. We ended the week celebrating 100 days of school engaging in activities with our third grade classmates.
  • Upcoming: BWC stories typed copy due Thursday, February 1st  (email sent home 1/25/24)




Mrs. Bennington

5th-6th Band
  • This week students learned several new notes and how to read and  play four types of dynamics.  Our  third practice record for the third quarter will be due this Tuesday 1/30. Students will have their next test on Tuesday 1/30 on anything in Unit 2 that we have played to date so that they can demonstrate their ability to play all of the rhythms and notes that we have learned so far. 
7th-9th Band 
  • This week students worked hard on expanding their range!  We spent a lot of time on long tones and lip slurs. Students will have a test on Tuesday 1/30 on one of the exercises on page 4 to demonstrate that they can correctly follow the rules for sharps and flats in a measure and to show that they can play the new notes that we have learned. Our third practice record for the third quarter will be due this Tuesday 1/30. 

Mrs. Campbell

5th-8th Chorus
  • Chorus students enjoyed activities designed to improve vocal blending – working together to produce a balanced sound. We continue to practice 4-part harmony on a few selections. It’s exciting to see students learn their parts much faster this quarter!

Miss Stevenson

5th-8th Girls’ PE
  • Middle school girls had the opportunity to play floor hockey in the old rec center this week.


5th Grade (Mrs. Owens) 

This Week
  • This week we started Duel in the Wilderness and were introduced to a young George Washington who sets out on a perilous journey to carry a message to the French.  In history the colonies have gathered at the First Continental Congress to discuss the next steps regarding their treatment from Parliament.  In math we continue to work on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and decimals.  The students have completed and turned in their second draft of their creative writing story.  Over the next few days they begin typing up their final draft.  
Memory Work:
  • Philippians 2:3-4 (this week)
  • Philippians 2:5-6 (next week)
  • Creative Writing Story due Tuesday, January 30th

Mrs. Palmer

5th Art
  • Students worked on Thomas Cole inspired oil pastel landscapes this week.  We worked on color mixing and color matching, blending and accuracy.  We also learned about sgraffito (meaning “scratched”) and when to use that technique. 
Mrs. Kromhout
5th Latin
  • 5th graders are reviewing all four verb conjugations this chapter! We are slowly beginning to practice parsing and classifying sentences as we translate. We also studied vocabulary for our test next Tuesday!


6th Grade (Miss Stevenson)

6th Reading and Literature
  • We are continuing to work our way through Something Greater Than Gold.
6th Grammar and Writing
  • Students turned in the rough draft of their fictional stories this week. Final drafts of both their fictional stories and poems for the Burlington Writers Club are due on Friday, February 2.
6th Bible
  • We started reading the Gospel of John this week.
6th History
  • This week we learned about the emergence of black leadership in the South after the Civil War. We specifically focused on George Washington Carver.
6th Science
  • Science this week was very notes-heavy. We learned about the basics of cell theory and started learning about the different organelles in cells.
6th Logic
  • Students took their second Logic test this week. The focus of this test was the fallacies related to errors in making assumptions.

Mr. Hunter

6th Latin
  • This week the students were introduced to Joseph Justus Scaliger, continued learning the forms of the imperative, and practiced for the National Latin Exam.

Mrs. Frueh

6th Math
  • This week was all about geometry. We practiced calculating the area of parallelograms, naming and classifying triangles, and calculating the circumference of circles. We discussed the number Pi and discussed how it was originally calculated. We also reviewed the rules for adding positive and negative numbers.

Mrs. Palmer 

6th Art
  • Students worked this week on Thomas Cole inspired watercolor landscapes. They are doing great with this project and effectively creating translucency with their medium.

Mrs. Crotts

7th Omnibus
  • Grammar: Students wrote an outline as well as a rough draft to an essay:  “Virgil creates a history of Rome that reveals that the gods had destined her to be what she was.  Does everyone have a destiny?  Develop your answer in light of Christians and non-Christians, using scripture such as Ephesians 1:11 & Romans 9, theological works, or other literary works such as Sleeping Beauty or the Odyssey.  (We also celebrated completing the spelling bee with chocolate chip cookies; they devoured them even though they were a bit over crisped!)
  • Literature: Students are reading Virgil’s Aeneid
  • History/Bible: The class read Galatians through Coloassians and heading towards Revelation–Jesus wins!

Mr. Johnston

7th Logic
  • This week we continued looking at Fallacies of Presumption, specifically the Bifurcation (aka The Either-Or Fallacy or sometimes called a false dilemma).  This fallacy presents itself when only two possible outcomes are presented as support for an argument.  As the political season begins to ramp up, I am sure we will see plenty of examples of this and many other common fallacies!

Mrs. Frueh

7th Science
  • We finished our study of volcanoes this week with an in-depth look at the eruption of Mt. St. Helen in 1980. We discussed what signs preceded the eruption allowing for safe evacuations and what effects were evident in the landscape decades afterward. We also discussed how some of the features formed in the eruption point to catastrophism as a framework for supporting young-Earth creationism.
7th Pre-Algebra
  • The students worked hard this week practicing the steps needed to calculate the volume and surface area of right circular cylinders. This involved synthesizing formulas and knowledge from multiple areas. The students have learned five separate formulas needed to solve these problems and are now practicing how to discern when to use which formula.

Mrs. Palmer 

7th Art
  • Students worked this week on Thomas Cole inspired watercolor landscapes. They are doing great with this project and effectively creating translucency with their medium.

Mr. Hunter

7th Latin
  • This week the students were introduced to Joseph Justus Scaliger, learned more about the passive voice, and continued practicing for the National Latin Exam. 


Mrs. Kromhout

8th Omnibus
  • History: We enjoyed learning about the manorial system and medieval life this week! Between the spelling bee and working on our creative writing stories we have not spent as much time on history, but are looking forward to returning to it next week! 
  • Literature: We continue to read and enjoy The Two Towers! This week our characters fought the battle of Helm’s Deep and Gandalf spoke to Saruman. We had a great discussion about Saruman’s character and the differences between Saruman and Gandalf. 
  • Composition: Students are doing a great job on their creative writing short stories! We will send them in to the Burlington Writer’s Contest next week. 

Mr. Hunter

8th Latin
  • This week the students were introduced to Joseph Justus Scaliger, learned about the passive voice in the perfect system, and continued practicing for the National Latin Exam. We also continued working through sections of Pictet’s Medulla Christianae Ethicae

Mrs. Frueh

8th Science
  • We have moved on from our study of physics and have moved into the realm of chemistry. The students were very excited this week to learn all about the structure of an atom and how the atomic structure of an atom determines its identity and place on the periodic table. 
8th Algebra I
  • Last semester, we learned to solve systems of equations using substitution. This week we learned to solve these same types of problems using the method of elimination. The students are learning to discern when each method is best applied. We also practiced simplifying more complicated radical expressions.

Mrs. Palmer 

8th Art
  • Students continued to work on the Lord of the Rings oil pastel drawings this week.  We have students creating Mordor, Rohan and the Shire.  They are doing a great job with this project!

Mr. Crotts

8th Logic
  • We have learned the anatomy of arguments: major premises, minor premises, and conclusions. Also, major, minor and middle terms.





  • The CLT (Classic Learning Test) has put together an excellent resource highlighting like minded colleges offering summer programs to high school students!! Many of these programs offer college credit or scholarships, but also would be an amazing opportunity to experience life on campus, take classes from the professors, explore a certain field or area of study, meet like minded students from across the country, and get a taste of college life. I highly recommend checking out the guide to see if there may be a good fit for your student and family! 
  • I have nearly finished meeting individually with the juniors to discuss future plans; these are the questions we are talking through.
  • Juniors should sign up for the SAT and/or ACT if they have not already! Several are signed up for the below dates at BCA:
  • This week, we started our SAT/ACT study sessions on Tuesday afternoons from 2:15-3:15. I had students fill out an accountability form with their study goals for these sessions! These are my recommendations:
    • Taking a full practice test at home and scoring it
    • Using Khan Academy to work on the more challenging concepts (for example – many of the students need to brush up on the geometry concepts from the math sections) during these sessions
    • Attending tutoring lab once a week while either Mrs. Byrd or Mrs. Frueh are there and able to help them with any challenging math problems or concepts


Mrs. Palmer 

9th Spanish 
  • Students reviewed for and took a chapter test this week.  We also began new vocabulary and learned about using the verb estar with conditions and emotions. 

Coach Johnston

9th History
  • Students learned about the internal developments (canals and roads) and inventions (steamboats and railroads) which connected America’s cities and fueled its western expansion. Students spent two days this week completing an in-depth consideration of one of America’s most controversial elections (1824) and one of America’s most active and most controversial presidents, Andrew Jackson (1829-1837).

Mrs. Frueh

9th Geometry
  • We split our class time this week between paper-and-pencil work using proportions to solve for unknown values in similar geometric figures and hands-on work on our balsa wood bridges. The teams have worked very hard to perfect and execute their balsa wood bridge designs. They are looking forward to testing their load-bearing capabilities next week.

Mr. Crotts

9th Logic
  • Students have entered the most difficult stretch of intermediate logic – using rules of inference and replacement for formal proofs.

Mrs. Fairchild

9th Advanced Art
  • We began our research on the major art mock trial. Students began studying every inch of Holbein’s painting the Ambassadors. Already their research has raised quite a few questions and what at first glance appeared simple has become complex and difficult to decipher.  Additionally, we studied Thomas Cole’s work and wrestled through where we would place his work on the bullseye. Again, not as straightforward as they initially thought and it required a lot of discernment.

Mrs. Hicks

9th Biology
  • This week we focused on DNA and RNA. Students even translated DNA to RNA to determine different proteins and traits. Out of this, they created a really interesting monster! We will continue this work next week!

Mrs. Crotts

9th Literature
  • Excitement is brewing as the class reads Little Women and makes selections to summarize in a script.  They will act their summary play out in the upcoming weeks.  In addition to reading and acting, they will make “Christmas muffins” to share with fellow students in the spirit of the March sisters giving their Christmas meal away to the Hummel family in Alcott’s story.  Once they complete these fun tasks, they will write an essay either about the influence of transcendentalism on the Alcott Family or comparing Alcott with Jane Austen and how these ladies used their gifts of writing to help support their families.

Dr. Byrd

9th-10th Bible Survey
  • We have just finished the book of Isaiah and begun the book of Jeremiah. 
  • Students are working on their Book Analysis Project. 


Dr. James

10th Chemistry
  • This week the students learned how to determine empirical formulas from elemental analysis data. They also learned about stoichiometry and percent yields.
  • Next week they will take their first test of Q3, and we will start a study of the gas laws. 

Mrs. Palmer 

10th Spanish
  • This week students learned about the Imperfect tense and when to use it.  We also looked at several irregular verbs in the preterite.  Students took a vocabulary quiz and we reviewed past vocabulary as well. 

Mrs. Byrd

10th Algebra II
  • Topics for the week included advanced radical equations, combining fractions with factorable denominators and sign changes, and solving systems of equations using both substitution and elimination.

Mrs. Crotts

10th Literature
  • The class is reading Edith Hamilton’s Mythology.  Ask your student how old she was when she wrote this very helpful resource! (Answer: age 75). The 10th graders are preparing for a presentation on selections from Mythology to be presented to the 7th grade class Wednesday, February 14.  (The 7th graders are studying Ancient History and Greek and Roman mythology as well.). In addition to reading the book and the presentation, the 10th graders have an essay rough draft due January 31, and the final draft due February 2.  The essay topic choices are 1) What are the myths—or basic beliefs and ideals—that we believe about ourselves as a nation? (Remember our national holidays and the Pledge of Allegiance.)  2) How can something be historically accurate in details and yet tell a greater truth?

Miss Oldham

10th Rhetoric I
  • Students have had work time in class to work on their first speeches of the quarter. They’re giving these speeches next week. 

Coach Johnston

10th History
  • Students finished their summary material on ancient Athens. There will be a quiz on Ancient Athens next Thursday (2/1). Students have learned about how challenges from people like Megacles, Pisistratus and Hippias provoked government reform through the likes of Draco, Solon and Cleisthenes in order to produce the Athenian democracy and freedoms that we are familiar with today. We are also continuing to read excerpts from Thucydides’ The Peloponnesian War which serves to highlight the strengths and weaknesses that democracy faces from within and without.
10th PE
  • Students finished a two-week unit on the game of handball. Students were quick to learn the rules, progressed through developmental games and then enjoyed the sport itself while using the game itself to further develop their skills and game-time application of what works best in the right situation.

  Mrs. Byrd

11th Precalculus
  • This week we’ve learned to use a unit circle to evaluate various trig functions, how to find trig function values using trig identities, and how to find the trig function of any angle using a reference angle.
11th Physics
  • We wrapped up our study of momentum this week by watching a video of how a cat conserves angular momentum and is able to land on its feet.  We also considered how momentum is conserved in inelastic collisions  like Newton’s cradle or controlled explosions like launching a projectile or rocket.  Our next topic will be periodic motion – especially in mass/spring systems or pendulums.

Miss Oldham

11th Literature
  • Students have started to read C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce, which is a fascinating theological read. I would highly recommend you reading along with them! 

Mr. Hunter

11th NT Greek
  • This week the students continued learning about the personal pronouns and took a quiz on those pronouns and additional vocabulary. We also began discussing the demonstrative pronoun, and the students were introduced to Polybius and Diodorus Siculus. 

Mrs. Palmer

11th-12th Elective: Color Theory/Design
  • This week we talked about the graphic design process.  Students also worked on their current design projects which will be due next Thursday. 


Dr. Smith

11th-12th Apologetics & Philosophy
  • We have started our discussion of James Sire’s book The Universe Next Door. We have been discussing a wide variety of matters such as the necessity of understanding God’s covenant for a right interpretation of the Bible, the history of epistemology from the ancient Greeks to the present day, the nature of Modernism and Postmodernism with respects to epistemology, the history and nature of Protestant Liberal theology, what it means, according to Protestant Liberalism, to demythologize the Bible, the role of history in the Christian faith, the differences between pantheism and polytheism, and what moralistic therapeutic deism is and how it relates to American evangelicalism. The students are asking excellent questions. For Friday they have to have Ephesians 1:1-6 memorized and list Sire’s eight questions by which he analyzes worldviews. 

Coach Johnston

12th History
  • Students learned about the internal developments (canals and roads) and inventions (steamboats and railroads) which connected America’s cities and fueled its western expansion. Students spent two days this week completing an in-depth consideration of one of America’s most controversial elections (1824) and one of America’s most active and most controversial presidents, Andrew Jackson (1829-1837). Seniors also began working on how to quickly organize summary thoughts and then write those summaries while under the constraint of a limited time to write. This is designed to help students think instead of rushing thoughtlessly into work, and then working quickly to record the summary that they spent a couple minutes reviewing and organizing prior to writing it out. 

Miss Oldham

12th Literature
  • Students have begun the trudge across Yoknapatawpha County with the Bundren family in William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying.
12th Rhetoric II
  • Seniors have turned in final drafts and are now focusing on prepanels at the end of February. Please continue to be in prayer for our senior class, this is the time when senioritis starts to sneak in! 

Mrs. Byrd

12th Calculus
  • Students have completed our first unit on integration.  Next we will learn how to model situations with differential equations and how to verify solutions for differential equations.  Another topic will be learning to use a slope field to estimate a solution where the function is unknown.

Mrs. Hicks

12th Anatomy
  • This week we focused on the cardiac system. We reviewed various structures with a bingo game, listened to our hearts to analyze different heart sounds, and learned about different heart types in animals. We will continue this next week!