Financial Aid Information

Bradford Academy operates on an annual budget based on tuition revenues. However, Bradford recognizes that there may be families who would like to attend Bradford but are financially unable. Therefore, each year Bradford allocates a specific and limited amount of funds designated to assist qualifying families. Bradford uses an independent, third party, outside source to assist in determining need. The process for applying for financial aid is outlined below.

1. Parents must first fill out and complete an application for enrollment.  Setting up an account with TADS is part of that process. Applications for FINANCIAL AID cannot be processed before an application for enrollment has been submitted.

2. The  link to the application for financial aid can be found among the tabs at the top of your TADS account homepage.

2. Parents complete and submit the application online to TADS along with supporting documents. The deadline for submission of the application is MARCH 1st. There is a non-refundable processing fee.

3. The Headmaster with the BOARD of Directors will determine financial aid based on the amount recommended by TADS, divided proportionately to individual families, up to the amount of money reserved for aid that school year.

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