BB 11-12-21



NOVEMBER 12, 2021



We are thankful that Austerfield and Scrooby were able to have their house socials last week, and we are looking forward to Leiden and Plymouth’s socials this weekend!  Our 5th graders are enjoying beautiful weather and a lovely backdrop (the leaves are stunning!) for their Hobbit Day activities today.  We are humbled by the Lord’s kindness to allow us to enjoy such blessings.  



  • Tues, 11/16 – Basketball games at ACS



  • Tues, 11/23 – 
    • Upper school Declamation Speeches, 11 am @ Main Campus
    • Thanksgiving feast and activities
    • Lower school students will enjoy games and our traditional Thanksgiving feast.  (Send in a lunch!)
    • Upper school students:  **See email for details.
  • Wed, 11/24 – Fri, 11/26 – Thanksgiving break
  • Wed, 12/1 – NEW STUDENT applications open  






Transitional Kindergarten (Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Grubb)

  • This week TK students learned how God chose a future king for His people.  Young David was chosen because he trusted and obeyed God not because he had the appearance of a strong leader.  A person’s heart is what matters most to God.
Theme Adventure
  •  TK students completed their study on Veterans.  We appreciate their sacrifice and service to our country.  
  •  This week students have been learning how to identify the beginning sounds of words. 
  • TK students continued working with compound words and syllables. 
  • The letters for this week were T and H.
  • Vocabulary words for this week were sneeze/cough, sick/well, and flu/illness. 
  • TK students have been introduced to opposites. 
  •  TK students put numbers in order using number cards 0-10.  
  • Students began studying ordinal positions first through fourth.   
Arts and Sciences
  • Students enjoyed learning about the spread of germs through a science project where glitter became germs!  The only way for the germs to go away was to properly wash their hands.  It was a fun and interesting project.  Students could clearly see how fast and wide germs spread through shaking hands and touching  dirty surfaces. 

Lower School P.E. (Mr. Davis)

K – 5th
  • The students worked on speed, hand and eye coordination skills through various activities and games. 

Lower School Music (Mrs. Bennington)

  • The students worked on “Row Row Row Your Boat” in a round and the first three verses of “O Come All Ye Faithful”. Students also learned the piece, “Peace Like a River” and all of the hand motions that go with that song. Fun was had by all with this piece. Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students continued to work on recorders. New notes were learned by each grade level. 

Kindergarten (Mrs. Lopes and Mrs. Rivera)

This Week
  •  This week our kindergarten students learned how to count by 2’s, how to subtract 0 from a number and how to measure liquids using  cup, pint, quart and gallon containers. In history, we looked at King David and how he was a man after God’s own heart. They made their second motion puppet to go along with our reading. In science, we have continued our study of the seasons, adding the words axis, rotation, and equator to their vocabulary as we talk about the Earth’s movement around the sun. In phonics and handwriting, we are continuing to add phonogram sounds and cursive letters. We spent Forum time on Monday discussing what Veteran’s Day means; it would be meaningful to have your child write a short note to a veteran on their day off. If they don’t know of one, we have several teachers on staff who have served in our nation’s military.
Memory Work:
  • Review all verses



1st Grade (Mrs. Morgan & Mr. Law)

This Week
  •  Our outstanding First Graders have been counting by fives and tens, adding two digit numbers together, and calculating money using nickels and dimes in math. In reading, we have been putting more phonogram sounds together to decode longer words with vowel dipthongs. In grammar, we are gearing up for a noun test that will challenge the students to remember all the things nouns do in sentences. In science, we are learning more details about how the Lord made different animals; reptiles, birds, amphibians, mammals, fish, and even insects. In history, we are really enjoying the exciting stories of the Pilgrims journeying to America.
Memory Work:  
  • Romans 12:1-2
  • US State project due November 17th



2nd Grade (Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Batten)

This Week
  • Students were pushed to learn many new concepts this week! In Math, students were introduced to two new multiplication facts, as well as finding missing digits in computation problems, and telling time to the five minute marks. Students have also begun practicing their 100 addition math facts! In History, we have been learning about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Students learned all about how these cities were full of wicked and evil people, and how Abraham pleaded with God to save the cities if he found ten righteous men. Ask your child if they remember how many righteous men God found, and if they remember his name! In Science this week, students began learning about shells, which matches up to our reading in Sarah, Plain and Tall. See if your child can tell you any of the shells that Sarah brought with her from Maine!
Memory Work: 
  • Proverbs 25:6-10
  • 11/16 – History Project Due
  • 11/16 – Math Facts Assessment
  • 11/17 – Math Written Assessment



3rd Grade (Mrs. McDorman and Mrs. Meredith)

This Week
  • Students enjoyed discovering lines of symmetry in the various flags of other nations. We then discussed how unique our nation is in its government and what it means to be a constitutional republic. John Adams best explained a constitutional republic to be “a government of law and not of men.” Students learned that we vote for people to go and represent us as they create laws, and we even met our very own North Carolina State Senator Amy Galey listening as she explained to us her job as a state senator. 
Memory Work:
  • 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12
  • Greek god projects 


4th Grade (Mrs. Burtram) 

This Week
  •  We have completed a wonderful week learning about the Feudal System and how this form of social structure was essential in protecting England from invaders.  The students heard many stories about life in the castle and the different class systems.  We will continue this topic next week and look at the construction of a castle with additional reading.  We are also working on home projects that will be displayed the week of November 22nd.  We finished our Latin prepositions this week memorizing our song with hand movements.  The students wrote many letters this week to all of our staff who served our country for Veteran’s Day.  Their letters brought much joy and appreciation for all who served.
Memory Work:
  • Matthew 5: 1-5
  • Matthew 5: 6-9
  • Feudal System Projects


5th Grade (Mrs. Erdt) 

This Week
  • Preparations for and enjoyment of Hobbit Day!



Mr. Batten

6th Language Arts
  • We finished reading Across Five Aprils, and took a test on the book. 
6th History
  • We are continuing to study the Civil War. Students should be familiar with reasons the war began, major leaders on each side, and major terminology regarding the war. 
7th Grade Omnibus
  • We continued to read the Odyssey and have seen how Odysseus is making his way home through a never ending sea of obstacles.
7th Logic
  • We began  our unit on the fallacies of presumption. 
8th Logic
  • Students learned the basics components of a syllogism.


Mrs. Byrd

  • In studying Newton’s Laws of Motion we’ve focused on the second law this week.  We’re learning about forces that affect motion, like friction and gravity, and how to account for them in our calculations.
  • We’ve reached the end of our study of rational functions.  Next we will begin looking at exponential and logarithmic functions and their applications.
  • After taking up various derivative topics – linearization, L’Hospital’s Rule, and related rates, we are now investigating a final category of derivative applications – extrema, concavity, and curve sketching.



Dr. Byrd

10th Bible Survey
  • This week we have been studying the Psalms. There are many authors including David, Moses, Asaph among others. We also discussed the various authors and types of psalms. It is important to read a psalm several times to gain more of an understanding of its meaning. The Lord ministers to us through them. 
  • Test: Next Thursday on Judges – 2 Kings 


Mr. Davis

6th -10th PE
  • This week the students played games that help build speed along with hand and eye coordination. 


Mrs. Fairchild

9th Grade Advanced Art
  • Our students worked on art analysis this week.  Specifically, they studied the works of Jan Vermeer and Jackson Pollock.  They are continuing to grow in discernment and their understanding of art. They were able to appreciate a work of Jackson Pollock without being pulled into his message and worldview that life is chaos and has no purpose.  After discussion, the students rejected this aspect of his art because it is contrary to the teaching of the Bible. It is my hope that as our students engage in these worldview discussions through art history that they will be well prepared for actual conversations with people in their life ahead. 

Mrs. Frueh

6th Grade Science:
  • As we near the end of our study of bacteria, we took a much closer look at the structures of the typical bacterium, including the flagellum. We started talking about the concept of irreducible complexity as it relates to the theory of evolution. We were all left in awe of the incredible complexity evident in even these smallest living organisms, which points to the omniscience of our Creator.
6th Grade Math:
  • We reviewed the different types of angles found in quadrilaterals and triangles. We also learned how to use our knowledge of complementary angles, supplementary angles, and vertical angles to determine the measure of unknown angles.
7th Grade Science:
  • We had a lot of fun this week simulating the different types of seismic waves released by earthquakes, as well as learning how the analysis of seismic waves allows us to hypothesize about the composition of Earth’s interior.
7th Grade Pre-Algebra:
  • This week we practiced finding the fractional parts of numbers, as well as reviewed how to use scientific notation to express numbers that are either very large or very small.
8th Grade Science: 
  • This week we continued to learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion, specifically how they will relate to the performance of the self-propelled vehicles being built for our 2nd Quarter Projects. We can’t wait to see the vehicles in action in December!
8th Grade Algebra I: 
  • We reviewed prime factorization and learned how the concept of Greatest Common Factor can apply not only to numerical terms, but also to algebraic terms.
9th Grade Biology:
  • We have enjoyed our mini-unit on Kingdom Fungi this week. We had the opportunity to dissect many different species of fungi, as well as experiment with the properties of a useful fungus, bread yeast. 



Mr. Hamilton

9th Theology
  • We had a great time with our Apostles’ Creed projects this week. Students did a wonderful job turning the creed into a piece of original liturgical music.
9th Literature
  • Students are greatly enjoying Pride and Prejudice. Thus far, Elizabeth and Darcy have been at odds, but Darcy‘s interest in Elisabeth is starting to grow. We also discussed at length the landed gentry and other important issues of Jane Austen‘s time.
9th History
  • Students are working hard to finish their projects on the early modern period.
10th Literature
  • We have finished up the Iliad and are preparing for our book test. Students are also completing their creative response projects on the epic.
10th History
  • We have had a great time exploring ancient cultures these past couple of weeks. We have paid special attention to the Jewish culture and students are doing extra work on various aspects of this intriguing people.
11th Philosophy/Apologetics
  • This week we took our quarter two midterm, which covered Aquinas, Descartes, Hume, and Kant.


Mrs. Hamilton

6th Music
  • Sixth graders are doing a great job progressing in their piano pieces! We are planning a piano performance in February. 
8th Music 
  • This week’s focus was on intensive choral practice for girls choir and piano practice for boys piano ensemble. The chamber choir has three planned performances in the next several weeks, while the boys ensemble will perform in February along other logic school piano ensembles. 
Music History Elective (Baroque to Modern)
  • Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique, with its innovative orchestral coloring, use of program, and the introduction of idée fixe, gave us plenty of room for discussion on the theme of artistic obsession across the arts. 

Dr. James

10th Chemistry
  • This week we discussed theories used to explain bonding. The students also practiced drawing chemical structures from formulas and building 3-D models from 2-D structures.
  • Next week we will conclude our introduction to bonding, and the students will take their second test of Q2. 



Mr. Lopes

12th Systematic Theology
  • We discussed seven essential truths affirmed in the Biblical doctrine of creation. 


Miss Oldham

12th Grade Literature
  • We wrapped up One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich with a test. We’re beginning Hamlet on Monday!
12th Grade History
  • Students had presentations that they gave. Civil War begins on Tuesday. 
11th Grade Literature
  • We looked at sonnets and the language of Shakespeare this week. Othello is our first Shakespearean tragedy and it is one of my favorites. 
11th Grade History
  • Students have research papers due next week that they have been diligently working on. 
10th Rhetoric I
  • Students have their first invented speech coming up, and are preparing for those. 
12th Rhetoric II
  • Students have a piece of their thesis due every Friday until Christmas. Yes, you read that correctly. Every Friday. Please be in prayer for your seniors as they write their capstones. 


Mrs. Palmer 

6th Art
  • Students worked on colored pencil landscapes this week, specifically focusing on intentionality with coloring and color theory.
7th Art
  • Students worked on architectural charcoal small studies this week. Next week we will begin our charcoal famous architecture drawings.
8th Art
  • Due to Veteran’s day we did not meet this week but will continue with our artist portraits next week. 
9th Spanish 
  • Students worked on conjugating ER and IR verbs. We continued with new vocabulary and talked about descriptive adjectives.
10th Spanish
  • Students worked on irregular preterite verbs. We also listened to and read two Spanish articles/stories. We continued to work with new vocabulary. 

Mr. Palmer

9th Geometry
  • This week tested the strength of the bridges built. Here are the results.
    • 1st – Aiden Tejada, Will Jones, Jace Kohl, Hannah Manning- 112 lbs. (school record)
    • 2nd- Elisha McDorman, Matthew Rosenburg, Daisy Thrasher, John Pattison- 77.6lbs
    • 3rd – Rachel Rosenberg, Riley Morgan, Noah Curtsinger, Meredith Fairchild- 62.4 lbs.
    • 4th- Emma Jackson, Christine Weber, Grace Gregory, Hannah Audrey- 27.4 lbs
9th Logic
  • This week we learned how to determine if propositions are consistent by using a truth table.
10th Algebra II
  • This week we reviewed for a test then took a test.
11th / 12th NT Greek
  • This week we continued to work with the Greek personal pronouns.
11th/12th Finance
  • This week we began learning about renting vs. purchasing a home.


Miss Windes
8th Grade Omnibus
  • History: In history we did a review of the history we have done so far and continued through the end of the Roman empire. 
  • Literature: We have been reading History of the Kings of Britain, a fantastical group of stories that mix history and legend, beginning with stories of the supposed founder of England and moving through the stories of their kings through King Arthur. The book includes the origins of Shakespeare’s King Lear play. 
  • Composition: The students have completed their outlines and introductions, and we learned about how to use parallelism in phrases and sentences. 
6th Grade Latin
  • Sixth graders continued learning the 2nd declension endings and began to use the dative case. 
7th Grade Latin
  • Seventh graders just had one class this week, learning about the special set of transitive verbs that take the dative case. 
8th Grade Latin
  • In eighth grade, we continued learning about how to make negative commands using the verb noli, nolere and practiced using the irregular adjectives. 
6th Grade Logic
  • Sixth graders reviewed for and took their logic test on Wednesday. We also learned about the fallacy of equivocation.