House System

Cheers erupt as the winning House is announced.  Students from kindergarten through middle school rise up to celebrate the accomplishments of the entire year.  The older students take the hands of the younger ones as they claim the prize of a job well done.  Taking the Bradford Cup and lifting it above their heads, they make the traditional victory lap as the school’s new celebrated BRADFORD HOUSE CUP CHAMPION.  This is a scene repeated each year at our annual end-of-year picnic and one of the beloved traditions at Bradford Academy.

For several years, the school has divided its students into four groups or “Houses.”  This aged tradition finds its roots in English boarding schools and the practice still remains in many scholastic institutions throughout the English speaking world.  Each student, when enrolled at Bradford, is randomly placed in a house named for an important city in the life of William Bradford, the school’s namesake.   Throughout the year the Houses compete in various athletic and academic competitions and their standing in each competition earns points towards the House Cup Championship.  The students enjoy a Soccer tournament, Greek Olympics, Spelling Bee, and Bible Bee.  Other events include the Field Day, Summer Reading Contest, 100th Day Rodeo Round-up, and even the average GPA all factor into the competition.  Older students and younger students work together building friendship and a sense of teamwork, motivating and encouraging each other to do their best.

The houses have also enlarged their bonds of friendship by engaging in service projects and social events.  While building tight friendship within a class is important, Bradford’s House system also helps children build friendships across grade levels and develops a unique sense of camaraderie.  It is another reason Bradford Academy is a special kind of community!